Thorne in my side

I have two Sonyas. One is +20 and another is +14. Both have funny dresses called costumes. I have 89 Paliden emblems. I have Thorne at 4-80. I have Grimm @+20, Kiril@ +20 and +7, Isarnia @4-80 and Trition+7. The question has to do with what for I do with those Paladin emblems. Is Thorne worth them or should I finish off Sonya2 so I gave better debugger.

Thorne is not worth them.


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The question is really how you use these heroes? Is Thorne on your defense team? Is he someone you often take to raids, even as off color? Or is he rather on the bench most of the time? Because emblems won’t suddenly make him a super star.

I could see a use of team with both versions of Sonya so it’s not a bad idea. Never seen that in practice but can be very useful depend on where you are in game. And they are cheaper to run than Thorne.


I’d personally be tempted to hold them for Richard, who does the same thing he does and is also TC20 trainable.


Using them mostly for attack in either AW and raid but mostly AW so depth with power is important. My alliance see a lot of reposte Along that line I have Melendor+19, Evelym+3, Caedmon+14, Seshat+1, Domitia3-70(have toys for last chevron), Sabrina+19&4-70

Got to store 1.2M ham for R&D. both richard and Magi have eluded me on blue pulls

Thorne is fine. Mine is maxxed and emblemed.

89 won’t do more than a single node. He’s very sturdy already, so if you’re not going to tank with him, increasing his attack is the best use of emblems.

Richard is better and your Sonias sound cool, but do what you will enjoy most, if you improve Thorne you’ll find uses for him.


With you seeing a lot of reposte then I’d say use the emblems on your 2nd Sonya? Or if you have Boril, and some reset buttons, emblem him up for tanking during blue tank week and fight fire with fire :joy:

Although Thorne isn’t the worst you can do and if you are using him and have some reset emblems, then why not put them to use. Thorne is already beefy enough, emblem him up into attack and make him a helpful member of you raiding/war team? You can reset his emblems when a better hero comes along. No reason to just let those emblems sit while they can help you win?

I’d finish off that 2nd Sonya 1st though. Good Luck!!

I have my Thorne emblemed to +11. I went with the defense + health path and he’s now a quite sturdy tank.

Another question is, are you a f2p or p2p? If you are p2p, then you have a much better chance at getting another good paladin hero. You can probably afford to wait.

I, on the other hand, is f2p. That means it is very unlikely for me to pull another good paladin hero any time soon. So I’d better play with what I have and improve Thorne now. Also, reset tokens are much more available now. I have 11 saved. If I am lucky enough to pull Richard, Arthur, or (if she makes a comeback) Frida, I can always strip Thorne and use emblems on them instead.

Thorne is my tank. He does fine, I don’t recall the last time I was under 2400. On attack Kiril + Isarnia + Thorne is a tested killer combo. Thorne hits the main target for 480% damage, as hard as almost any sniper, not even counting the splash damage. Embleming him on the attack path makes him dangerous. Richard doesn’t hit anywhere near as hard as Thorne and his attack debuff is easily undone by any attack buffer or cleanser. I can’t wait to see what Thorne’s costume will bring.


Thorne definitely hits harder. But the damage isn’t too far off.

The thing too with the attack debuff is that Richard has no common green counter against the debuff. You have to use off-color buffer or cleanser (unless you own Locke or he targets your Gadeirus).

That’s concerning defense only too.

But I do agree that Thorne is a hard hitter, IIRC he’s the 2nd hardest hitting target + minor to nearby hero in the game (1st is Lepus and he’s made of paper). Can’t complain with his skill power despite his low attack stat – which emblems can fix too.

BTW I did not know you got the Frostblade wielder to replace your Boril :clap: congrats! I’m probably doing the same thing myself once Magni is done leveling (better Thorne than a duplicate next)


I’ve been where you are. Thorne is my only legendary blue, and I maxed him because I didn’t have anyone else and had a pile of scopes. I find that I use my Sonya +20 more than Thorne because of the dispel and the fast mana. When I don’t need dispel as much, though, I love switching over to Thorne and bashing the ever-loving heck out of some people, usually as part of a blue stack. He’s also on both of my paladin trial teams, and as that is one of my favorite parts of the game, I love him for that. The Tiburtus-Thorne combo to start the boss wave of the paladin-ranger trial is pretty nasty.

That said, 89 emblems isn’t that much on a legendary, you’ve already got a second Sonya at +14, and you are seeing a lot of riposte. You are also leveling primarily for war depth, so the 89 emblems will do more for Sonya. Unless you plan to completely reset your second Sonya, I’d take her to at least +18. If you are thinking about resetting Sonya, then you might have a question.

If I were going to emblem Thorne - and I haven’t ruled it out - I think I’d go with the attack path. If all you are going to do with your special is hit hard, then you dang well better hit HARD! And he does. His 480% hit is comparable to my Poseidon +3 and my Domitia +10, so with emblems, that would only get better, and it would have the benefit of splash damage (although a secondary effect, a la Richard, would still be better).

I didn’t find him an effective tank when I tried him there, but it may have been that I didn’t have the best flanks to surround him with. I found an emblemed Boril to be cheaper and more effective as a blue tank. There’s a pretty good thread about Thorne vs. Boril at tank starting with my post here and continuing down the thread:

Hope this helps.

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Yes, Thorne got Boril’s job about two month ago and the dwarf is currently unemployed… He also lost his emblems to Elkanen shortly after he lost his tanking asignment. The elf now at +10 holds the left wing of my war defense making life miserable for the enemy especially during field aid wars.


So the general consensus is to add a few more layers of emblem to soyna2 then work on Thorne unless something grand and glorious shows up??

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