Question for the community - How many of these new 4* and 3* heros from the various new quests have folks leveled and found useful?

Question for the community - how many of these new 4* and 3* heros from the various new quests have folks leveled and found useful?

  • Knights - Epic (Ferant, Wren), Rare (Aderyn, Bertulf)
  • Ninja - Epic (Shale, Ametrine, Sapphire)
  • Morlovia (Costume) - Epic (cFrank)
  • Magic - Epic (Anton, Anastasia, Sergei), Rare (Dolgoon, Kornel)
  • Underwild - Epic (Griffin, Mack, Rokkamush, Tettukh, Zila Lei, Zenobia), Rare (Helo, Gramps, Morris, Poppy, Vollermork)
  • Starfall - Epic (D’Ande, Eichelborg, Marcel), Rare (Candy, Whacker)
  • Slayers (New Addition) - Epic (Orla, Cilian, Aodhan), Rare (Noril, Maeve)

I know Sergei and Poppy are beast! But how about the others? I currently have forty 3* and forty five 4* heros leveled. Which of the above should be added to the list? Thoughts? :thinking:

It’s time to refresh my 3* and 4* roster pool! :partying_face:


Havent gone on to level epic and rare knights yet. But the purple nun would be the 1st rare healer for purple so im keeping her. Also, bertulf has interesting special. Epic Wren has a lot of potential and may get a slot in my green epic team.

Ninjas- i find ametrine and saphire useful and use them often. Shale not so much, id rather bring boldtusk for the heal.

Magic- i only pulled anastasia, will try her out soon. Dolgoon and Kornel i find hard to slot into my teams. My red and green mono rares are kinda solid already.

S4 rares- only use poppy. I have frosty who i think is better than helo. Id rather bring shrubbear/whacker than gramps. Im just annoyed with morris. And vollermork can only be useful in certain tournaments…
S4 epics- everyone gets use for me except rokkamush.

Starfall- d’andre is a good fit as a healer in my mono yellow (better than gullin or LW, imo). Eichbelborg i used to bring for def down vs titans until i got Soarsie so i havent used him in a while. Marcel i leveled up but my buddy is still a little bit more useful i think esp since buddy has emblems already. Candy is still at 1/1 and will not probably replace Kvasir as my yellow “healer”. Whacker I use often in my rare green mono.


Great feedback @e-man! So from what you said, the follow look like solid choices:

  • Knights - Wren, Aderyn, Bertulf
  • Ninja - Ametrine, Sapphire
  • Morlovia (Costume)
  • Magic - Anastasia, Sergei
  • Underwild - Griffin, Mack, Tettukh, Zila Lei, Zenobia, Poppy
  • Starfall - D’Ande, Whacker

This is a decent list to focus on! Thanks! :wink:

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I’ve got Wren being built to gear up for an upcoming tourney. She’s a 4* Finley so she’ll be decent ina buff tourney.

For Slayers, You have Orla, Aodhan, Maeve, and Noril.

Orla and Aodhan, I haven’t seen use yet, Maeve and Noril are awesome when paired together

i’m excited i pulled Ferant, but i’m currently slowing down my hero leveling big time to focus on troops. he’ll get maxed, and i can’t wait to use him though.

Ametrine has been a fixture on my purple team for months now. Sapphire had her time on my blue team, and now she’s mostly a tournament star for me, but i do occasionally bring her out to play in other game contexts. i didn’t pull Shale (and am kinda glad i didn’t).

haven’t leveled my Magic heroes yet.

i’m honestly very underwhelmed by the Underwild portal as a whole for 3* and 4* heroes, but Poppy and Griffin are nails, and Tettukh’s silence means he’ll always be useful. Helo is nice to have because cleansers are rare at the 3* level. (also, i notice you mentioned Zenobia, but she’s a 5* :sweat_smile:)

i only pulled Marcel, and i’m excited to max him. dude hits like a truck–in the Starfall event, i saw someone on the leader board who had a team of 1 Almur and 4 Marcels. :joy:

not sure if the omission is intentional, but i also want to mention the Slayers. i’m not a big fan of Bjorn, so i wasn’t terribly excited about Noril, but i know a lot of players love Bjorn, so i expect a lot of people would love Noril. Maeve has become one of my favorite 3* heroes, and the three Slayer Epic heroes are amazing as well, especially Cillian.

Great catch @Photon and @dawnsempires! Way too many new events! Forgot about Slayers! With that said, the following look worthwhile leveling:

  • Knights - Ferant, Wren, Aderyn, Bertulf
  • Ninja - Ametrine, Sapphire
  • Morlovia (Costume)
  • Magic - Anastasia, Sergei
  • Underwild - Griffin, Mack, Tettukh, Zila Lei, Poppy
  • Starfall - Marcel, D’Ande, Whacker
  • Slayers - Maeve, Noril

I love the input as I have not focus on any of these and their forum threads! :wink:

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As a disclaimer, others may have different opinions… but i run mono teams for almost everything. So the heroes i chose fit into specific teams that fit my playstyle. :grinning: just something to consider…

Understood @e-man! I level these heros for Epic and Rare events, quests and tournaments. With that said, I tend to use mono teams for Epic and Rare events and quests as well! Thanks for the update!

I’ve been using Anastasia quite a lot. She Partners well with Ureaus. Stick her minion on people then he adds sand attack to it.

Poppy as you say is a beast. I use tettuck quite a lot due to lack of any other decent green hero’s. But his silence is affective.
I’ve been using Zela lei on map levels as her hit the flanks attack helps clear boards, I use her less in raids.

Griffin will probably be the next of these that I level up. But I also have gramps, rokkamush, mack candy, maeve orla and whacker to level.

I’ve also levelled anton and Morris but haven’t really found much use for either yet.

I leveled and fully emblemed Bertulf and replaced Wu on my titan team and it has been a very good decision.


I have very few of these, but among the ones I do have -

  1. Ametrine - love her for the dispel mainly, in that I can use her at 1x charge to dispel a key threat, or wait until 3x charge for a stronger hit / dispel more enemies. She always comes along when I stack Purple in events and tourneys.

  2. Zila Lei is ok, if I only have one slot left I would bring Grimm, but I do like Zila for her speed and strong hit.

  3. Poppy is amazing for her great hit. There’s a big RNG element to her though, so I don’t count ont he extra hits

  4. Anton makes my second Green war team, which is still mostly 4*s… The resurrection helps. He won’t make my first war team though, as I prefer Melendor keeping my team alive. (I use Francine, Hansel and two of Margaret/Gregorion/Lianna too)

  5. Helo and Gramps speak for themselves, useful skills. Gramps is a must for me in buff booster and rush. Helo alternates with Frosty, depending on whether I need cleanse or minions more

  6. very happy with Candy! Finally, mono 3* Yellow becomes viable for me!

  7. Whacker is now a staple when I stack Green 3*s for his high stats and strong hit

  8. Tettukh, though slower than Hansel, is sturdier and his silence is very useful. I get a lot of use from him in the Tower events.

  9. Marcel is new for me, still testing, but so far I like his strong hit-3 and defense-down.

Not very impressed by: Morris, Vollermork (too slow in my opinion, even with the passive ability), Mack (rather use Boldtusk for heal and buff),

I have cFrank, but still levelling.

I maxed Griffin and use him for raiding in my 4* elite crew.

No regrets there, between his base stats and passive increase on first fired special, he makes serious dents even in things like a maxed Krampus.

I did level up many and find many to be useful: D’andre, Candy, Orla, Cillian, Noril, Maeve, Sergei, Aderyn, Bertuf, Griffin, Tettukh, Poppy, Helo… they’re all great heroes in their own category (D’andre, Sergei and Cilian I freely use along with the five stars, as I will with Bertuf as soon as he’s maxed)

The slayers are quite good. I have the ones you mentioned and are all maxed and LB. Using maeve and two noril along with any other pairing leads to absolute destruction in rare tourneys and events. Aodhan, Cillian and Orla are powerful as well. Dolgoon can turn a match around as well. Both skills do their job when needed.

Is it just me, or are the 4* slayers more dominant against other 4* than the 5* slayers are against all the other OP 5’s?

When I raid against slayers I can usually kill them early enough, but my 4* slayers tend to be able to survive hits from the less damaging 4’s so they tend to have a big impact in 4* raid tournaments

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I usually level up all the 3* i get. They’re quick and easy. Takes me a while to get going on the 4*. For 3* i use a lot of Whacker, Poppy, and Frosty. I love that Frosty heals and has an attack element/minion. Whacker and Poppy hit and hit hard. Just got sapphire leveled up and using her quite a bit also. Working on Ametrine. Kornell i think is an interesting fire hero. Been trying him out with good results. And i agree that Aderyn being dark with healing skills will be a big plus. But still think overall season 2 3* heroes are the best so far. At least for me!

I’m on a project of leveling up one of every 3* in the game to scratch my collector itch, I just need to get one S3 I’ve fed many times (by-ulf) to be complete.

After that I’ll do the 4*, I just have 7 of those to pull to be complete.

So definitely keeping an eye on this great thread!

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I don’t have a lot of them.
Ferant, Wren and Aderyn are new and not yet leveled. But Aderyn seems interesting.
Zila Lei is sometimes part of my blue mono team at Grimm’s side. Unfortunately, she dies quickly. Gramps and Helo (I prefer Frosty) aren’t leveled either. I fed Morris immediately. Poppy got emblems, indispensable!
That’s all.

Unfortunately because I had to focus on some other heroes, I did not have yet time to level them, but I can share some thoughts.

The Slayers are great. An alliance mate uses them with great success and I have also used an umaxed Cillian on maps successfully where any other similar level hero would have died.

Starfall heroes are also great. I have D’Andre maxed with emblems and he’s a great healer. The other seem also good, the 4* are useful especially for titans.

Underwild: Tettukh is the best from my point of view from that bunch. A sturdy silencer is always useful, especially in rush. Helo is one of the very few 3* cleansers and I am looking forward to level him.

Magic - Anastasia and Anton are not really worth it from my point of view. Sergei is great. Dolgoon and Kornel can be very useful at times.

Morlovia cFrank sounds good, but he needs to get some more testing, unfortunately I also need to get to him

Ninja - Ametrine is really useful with her dispell before hitting so she always hits hard. Unfortunately she dies easily, so I am going to limit break her. I think Sapphire is in a similar situation.

Knights - Ferant’s riposte is the best of the game and the mana cut is always nice. Wren can be useful in buff boosters. Aderyn as the only dark 3* healer is also needed and Bertulf can for sure help on titans, or at least on Mythic in the last turns

Not many. They’ve been releasing pretty zhitty heroes unless they’re 5*. You all know why.

Some portals like ninja doesn’t even have 3*s or have some really zero effort used to make heroes.

Four stars from season four are mostly food or extremely niche.