Theorycrafting: Event Summons Priorities

I just posted the following on Reddit and thought it might lead to some lively discussion related to progression and hero priorities - if you see this in both places, sorry! I’m just really curious for your opinions is all! :slight_smile: It’s a lot of text, so feel free to just hop into the discussion regarding your own particular phase of interest!

There are regular threads about what events are worth the gems… and now that I’ve played for nearly a year, I realized recently that I’ve been through numerous different phases as I’ve progressed in Empires & Puzzles… and each step along the way my spending priorities have changed as my roster has grown. Below I’ll share with you my breakdown of the various phases of roster growth and priorities. Please add your opinion below! Did I nail down the phases appropriately? How do you feel about the priorities that I declared?

Each dropdown below goes into detail about each phase and what I believe to be the appropriate priorities for each.

The Four Phases of E&P:

Phase 1: Newbie - More Heroes Plz!

When new to the game it just feels like there are not enough heroes to go around. Since we need 30 heroes to participate in War, it’s a scramble to 30… and ideally, 3* heroes, too.

That said, since every single event summons has a small chance to produce the ideal outcome, and is guaranteed to produce at minimum a 3* Season 1 hero… there is never, ever, ever any real reason to spend gems (or tokens) on the regular Epic Summons. Because of this, I believe that although they are different stages of growth, the Newbie and Beginner phases are identical in priorities.

During this phase your goals should be to run two training camps at TC13 and get up to running two TC20 ASAP, hoping to get said Season 1 heroes for free.

This phase usually lasts 1-2 months.

Phase 2: Beginner - Caedmon's Call To Arms

Assuming that you only have one or two training camps running TC13 or TC20, you likely only have a few 4* heroes. While almost any 4* hero is an upgrade over a 3* hero, there is a significant difference in quality between Guardian Jackal and Hu Tao.

It’s at this stage where we care far more about gaining power rather than just more heroes. Ideally, we want high quality 4* heroes… a tank, a healer or two, a few dispellers… In the real world, however, we’re still left with the reality mentioned above: Season 2 heroes are better than Season 1 heroes. Event heroes are superior to Season 1 heroes. Basically: Season 1 heroes are good, but heroes from the special summons are better… and each one awards Season 1 heroes as a consolation prize.

Because of this, it is best to consider which events offer a wide array of quality 4* heroes and aim for those events during this stage of growth. You’ll know when you’re past this wide-spray acquisition approach when you begin to question the value of the summons in question: “Since I already own X and Y, is it really worth doing this one specific summon just to acquire Z?” If you have to ask, you’ve moved to Phase 3.

Phase 2 Priorities:

  1. Christmas - Buddy!
  2. Guardians of Teltoc - Until you acquire G. Jackal & G. Falcon
  3. Atlantis - Until you acquire Wilbur & Proteus

By the time you’ve acquired the Guardians, Wilbur and Proteus you’ve finished targeting each of the 4* heroes that are BIG deals. Wilbur will overhaul your Titan teams (along with Wu Kong who you should acquire along the way as a consolation prize since he’s a Season 1 hero), and Proteus is a crucial addition to your offensive raid team… and both together are a great duo for quests.

This phase usually lasts until months 3-5 depending on progression RNG.

Phase 3: Advanced - War Woes

The phase where anything will go as long as it’s a 4* or 5* hero… once you’ve got most of the Elemental Down heroes, Proteus, Wilbur, Wu Kong (or attack up equivalent), the only way to improve is by getting quality 4* heroes, or more 5* heroes. At this point in time we’re left trying to get rid of those pesky 3* heroes at the back 3 war flags.

It is at this point that we find ourselves holding onto the Epic Hero Tokens in hopes of using them in an upcoming Seasonal Event. We’re served most by more 4* and 5* heroes, but we already have a few 4* duds and would really prefer some higher quality snipers…

It is during this phase that Atlantis becomes more critical due to the Featured 5* heroes (which includes previous Heroes of the Month!). The 5* Atlantis heroes are excellent, and if the featured previous HotM is of interest to you… drop all ya got. Acquiring a high quality 5* hero is a Big Deal in E&P. In this phase, we’re targeting 5* heroes and being grateful for good 4* heroes.

Phase 3 Priorities:

  1. Christmas
  2. Atlantis
  3. Knights of Avalon
  4. Riddles of Wonderland

This phase lasts through the first approx. 12 months of play. Once the war roster is filled out to the full 30-hero roster of 4 and 5 star heroes… you are officially a Veteran.

Phase 4: Veteran - Prime Time

Once you reach this phase, you know you’ve hit Prime Time. You’re hitting titans hard with every color, disappointed with 20k hits. You know how to adjust for rare titans… your war defense is solid, etc. You’re no longer, however, looking for MORE heroes… in fact, you’re actively feeding away various 4* heroes, and maybe even a few 5* heroes. What you need is quality over quantity. The question is, where can you find it?

What you really need now is two things: The Top 15 heroes in use today, along with each of the Elemental Down heroes.

The Top 15: Most of these are previous HotM (Gravemaker, Kunchen, etc. This means that Atlantis becomes of critical importance when the featured HotM is one of these particular heroes.

Other than that, if only for titans everyone should be capable of each Elemental Down: Evelyn, Guardian Jackal, Guardian Falcon, Guardian Panther, King Arthur/Frida. Not only do they make a huge difference against titans, but they should be a staple in your offensive raid & war teams. A 3/2 with one Elemental Down and 2 snipers will destroy any enemy hero.

The point here is that along the way you will have acquired a lot of heroes… but still lack many of the highest quality 5* heroes. It will require a little research to find what gaps you’re missing, but when you have an opportunity to fill even one of them, it’s worth throwing gems at it.

This phase never really ends… but it starts right around the 1 year mark. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! …and… what are your most desired heroes? What hero have you been chasing, but are yet to acquire?

Me? I want Alberich and Gravemaker. Those two heroes make life so, so difficult!


Great post, and pretty accurate :slight_smile:

However, I do think that newbies should spend gems on Elemental summons, when they’re lacking in a certain color for heroes. Only 1 pull is really necessary then, and only while they’re still building up to TC10 or TC12 (for at least 3* heroes).

I’m still missing Proteus and the Guardians sadly, which means I’m saving away all gems for Teltoc in January. No more pulls for me until then (unless it’s free tokens for Xmas or coins), and no more spending until then.


Thanks for putting this resource together. As someone on the newer end of things, that’s where my feedback will fall.

If 2xTC20 is the end goal of this phase, then two months is a idealistic minimum. The build times alone for SH20, and two TC20s total over fifty days, assuming a second builder and endless iron. You also need enough iron storage for SH20 and enough food storage to research TC20.

With that said, I took your approach here. I saved up gems for a disappointing ten pull from Atlantis, and I’m saving tokens for Christmas. It looks like I should start saving challenge coins for Guardians, too, so that’s good to consider rather than just blowing them as soon as they come in, especially because I’m tempted to jump into phase 3 wrt event summons.

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Nooo! Aww man! That stinks having to skip the best Seasonal Event just to be fully prepared to fill in a gap like that! Honestly, I think it wise… but it still definitely hits ya in the feels! :broken_heart:

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Why Phase 3 lists Riddles of Wonderland? Any particularly good heroes there? I always thought that Grimforest is better for Hansel and Gretel.

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I noted Wonderland due to just how powerful Alice and the Queen of Hearts are. Once you get into Phase 3 you’re starting to care about specific, more powerful heroes rather than just “more 4* guys, please”. As such, rather than going after quality summons such as Grimforest, which will award good 4* heroes… or even Guardians (only one 5* of interest there - G Panther), Wonderland has two high quality 5* heroes in Alice and the Queen. Knights has Lady of the Lake, King Arthur, Morgan Le Fey… some really great ones.

Mind you, they’re also adding one 4* and two 5* heroes to each event (I think that’s the pattern at least), so precisely which one to target for people in that phase would depend upon roster depth for each color and which events are heavily in favor of which colors (i.e. Lady and Morgan are green - are you short green? etc).

Hey I wanted to give an update to this :slight_smile:

I did just what I said I would do, and saved up all my gems for Teltoc… and got squat! :disappointed:

But I did also use my EHTs during Christmas, and luckily scored Buddy there :slight_smile:

So I’m still lacking Proteus, and the guardians.

Got almost the exact same here. 2 Buddies from Christmas (where I also did a 10-pull), and nothing from Tetloc… All the sadz.

Saved gems for a 10-pull during Atlantis and got Vela. Still no Proteus or Wilbur. Will take another swing at Teltoc in June. I don’t have a single Guardian.

I think I am currently towards the end of this Phase 3, or pretty much entering 4. I did as above and only spent my EHTs for Xmas, and wanted to do a 10 pull during Guardians for Jackal, or the longshot at either Panther or Gazelle.

I got my Jackal with 1 10 pull, and a Vela to boot :smiley:

Now I am trying to decide between Avalon, and the next 2 Atlantis’s… this months Atlantis has some super good ( and needed by me ) heroes… I would love to get Telluria next Month as well, as I have 12 Tonics sitting around collecting dust…

The Avalon heroes are soooo tempting… if I got LoTL, getting Telluria wouldnt be quite as needed, even though I still would love to get her. BK would be an amazing pull for me, K. Arthur is the last piece I need for pretty much the best Red Titan killer lineup possible.

And then of course… S3 is apparently around the corner…

Decisions, decisions. And I have the gems saved up already :confused:

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