Should I summon?

I am level 19 now and have two fully leveled Banes, a Layla, and a Sharan, and I am working on Gan Ju. Currently I have enough to do another summon but am not sure if I should. I also pulled a 4* Little John but have not touched him as I want to work on 3* teams first. Since I am heavy in the holy heroes I thought I’d do a summon. Right now I can do an event summon or a seasonal summon. I am not sure what to do. Or safe my gems?

Looks at the odds and decide what is best for you. Realize the odds of getting a top hero is very small, season 4 is the first time rare heroes odds have improved compared to s1 heroes which are free in training camps with time. Costumes are also a good spot where if you get a rare summon you get the costume with it.

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Well, I have 3 holy heroes now, so my thoughts were to try and get another 3 from another colour. It will take a while before my TC is at 13. It is now at 9.

Tc13 won’t take that long, I’d wait personally, just level up another color quicker for awhile spring event had a few good heroes but best to just use epic hero tokens on those. Guardians and the new monthly event in Beta are better than wonderland. In like 26ish months playing I have often had times running out of 1 or 2 colors to level, it’s not a big deal, you just lost a little bonus EXP.

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In the meantime while I am waiting to get my TC to 13, should I level a team of 2*?

No, there are no tournaments for 2* heroes, there are no events geared to 2* heroes. You can let your heroes accumulate in training camps you don’t have to collect them, I have over 1700 heroes to collect right now.

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Alrighty then, I will continue as I am for now and get my tc to 13 as fast as I can.

If you are filling up on ham, try not to waste and make battle items (minor Mana I used like 50 daily on Titans for example). Once you have tc13 you can use that to store food, but if you are reading other posts on the forums you can see food is a big deal based on the uproar over the spring deal so try not to waste, it is harder early in the game.

You should summon. Everyone has to. The issue is whether you need to summon by buying gems using real money or to summon using free tokens, coins and keys from various sources in-game without spending a dime. The former will give you more opportunity to get better heroes, the latter not so much unless you are ultralucky.

Of course summon, more of a matter of when to summon.

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I usually recommend newer players to focus their summons on the season summons. Seasons 2-4 also have 3* and 4* heroes that are worth having. So even if you miss a 5* you still have a good chance of getting some good 3* and 4* heroes worth investing in. I just feel like it’s the best use of gems and increasing your value.

If you get epic hero tokens though, then seasonal summons are the best because you get the added chance of getting a seasonal character. (Springvale, Sand Empire, Morlovia, and Winter Events)


I would summon. But only by the means availlable without using gems. Gems are a rare comodity in the game, hard to come by, without buying. When you have 2600 gems, a 10 pull, gives a little bit more chance to get better heroes.
As for colour, it is random, so…

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