We’re generally laid back and like to have fun. If you are involved in wars you are expected to use all 6 Flags. Titan hits aren’t heavily monitored but if you keep missing your hits that will be taken into account.

We’re mainly just a bunch of C2P and F2P players that hit mostly 8-9* Titans and hold our own on war (you’ll want a nice Red Tank for next week). We’re pretty international and have players spread across the globe.

For us, fun is the name of the game. That said, losing isn’t fun, so please have a team that is built for what I just described. If you don’t have 6 decently strong war teams, maybe wait a little. Personally I think our trophy entry level should be 2k.

Again, great group. Lots of moral support for life outside of the game. If you think you might be a fit, join the fam.

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