Alliance Recruitment: Total Titan Destroyers

Guys, we are a year old alliance of 18 members and I have just joined the forum and the line app, in search of recruiting, as I have heard we have better chances here. We do 7 and 8star titans and only have few basic requirements, not a strict alliance. We have a minimum trophy req of 1400 and our score is 110k. We need some active participation with the titans, and with the wars, use as many flags as you can. If you are unable to be on the game, give us a notification and we are absolutely fine. We love conversations and are pretty much a fun group. Do try us out.
If someone could help us out in finding recruits. Thank you in advance guys. :blush:


You might want to add the requirements here so that players can know what is expected of them and makes for better recruitment. For example, what trophy level is required, what about wars, or minimum player level or defense TP. :slight_smile:


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