Strange request - Looking for really laid back active players

Hi all. Dadlandio here (lvl 43). I’m probably not going to find anyone in this forum, but Titanslayer2dragonslayer is looking for active but laid back - no worries attitude members - to join our alliance. We’ve got 13 active members with no requirements. Just play and have fun when u have a few minutes. Most of us are on at least once a day, but nobody forces us to play. We just play because we enjoy the game, so we’re pretty active. We just need a few more members to have bigger wars and attack bigger titans. I think most members are from USA but might be about 50-50 with international members. We cap out around 5* titans when everyone is hitting. Win a war - lose a war, whatever. Of course we like to win, but not a big deal if we lose. Most everyone that opts into a war uses 3-6 flags. Sometimes someone will miss a war if life happens, but we don’t worry about it. Most are respectful though and opt out when they know they will miss. No war strategy, but nobody cherry picks opponents either, everybody just tries to hit a the highest rated opponent they feel comfortable with and get the most war points they can. Not super chatty group, but we know when life happens (new jobs, new babies, health issues, etc and a few congrats on war wins, leveling up, etc.) Anyway, come check us out if ur interested. We’d love to have u! Please just no drama.


You guys should check out RockeyRampage. We are usually full, but like you, we have recently lost several due to life changes. We are down to 16 with 15 currently active and one on a break. We are hitting 8-9* titans and crushing war. We are very relaxed and a fun group.

Thx for invite. Sounds like a fun group. We have 2 or 3 active that r below 1000 so would hate to abandon them. If they get over 1000 soon, we might give u a shout.

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Good morning!

We are an active alliance, but relaxed in the sense that we dont require Line or war strategy, just smart use of flags!

We are currently sitting at 14 members, but have actively been looking for a similar alliance to merge with. We do expect at least 1 titan hit, more so you get loot, and all flags used in war if opted in.

If this is to much of a requirement, i totally understand, but if yall would be interested in merging, we can discuss it further!

If you have Line, feel free to contact me: DukeofTaurus

Hello! Our alliance is full at the moment, but I have been thinking for a while about maybe be part of Alliance Family, but never thought there is many alliance for active but laid back/casual players! It could help fill our alliances?

Anyways, I am open for discussion if someone is interest. Must be somewhere on this forum as I don’t use Line. My alliance is call: Active & Open.

We welcome everyone. Just keep us in mind! Good luck and happy gaming!!

The Forum is a small gathering compared to the entire playing base, but if you post something, there is still a chance it will be noticed by someone, and that someone just might be in the similar type of situation as you.

Our alliance is also what you call casually active and had been since its inception almost 3 years ago. Back then it was just to hit Titans and provide roster growth (we started in humble beginnings of being glad to be able to down 4* Titans). Wars were just implemented the same year and we didn’t liike wars and were opting out. Then it became optional as some of our members eventually do want to do wars so we let them do it so they can collect the war loot and war chests as it helps them grow with the additional loots.

We are probably slightly farther along than you are in that we are currently 17 full (completely full at one point in the past), currently hitting 7* - 10* Titan range, war team if opted in are expected to use all flags as courtesy and expected to opt out if unable to do so, again as courtesy to others. Nothing harshly enforced, loose war strategy. The war band win most wars if all flags are used.

I am a firm believer that there is no damage too small, any daily log ins to hit, even if small, is better than several days of no log in. With the recent Clash of Knight Alliance Quests, we will never be short of needs for points to ensure the unlocking of the tiers to those who wish to pursue the Epic and Legendary paths.

Technicolor Minds is our Alliance name, and most of our members have been with us for over 3 years.

Sorry if this became a counter recruiting of sorts and you may not want to deviate from your current flight plans, but just want to let you know that the forum can still be a place to find players with and prefer similar play styles.

Good luck to you!

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