The Trouble With Wizards (5* Defense Team and Who Gets the Emblems?)

While I like my current defense team, I’m about to finish an additional batch of fives and I can’t help but feel like it could be better. Part of the problem is class emblems–simply put, this game made too many great wizards.

I’m currently using a rainbow team of:

Zim (4-80-6), Lianna (4-80-5), Onatel (4-80-Wizard), Magni (4-80-5), Victor (4-80-Wizard)

Additionally, I have finished Mitsuko (who can get my sorc emblems), Richard (who could get my paly emblems), and will soon finish Poseidon and Hel.

My questions essentially boil down to:

Who gets the wizard emblems between Hel, Onatel, and Victor?

If it’s Hel or Onatel, would you emphasize attack, health or defense nodes?

Figure that I can build Poseidon or Mitsuko into a tank if it helps, (though my fighter emblems are currently on Magni).

If you had my roster, how would you put this thing together, and why?

(Note: I like Hel better than Onatel for raiding, and I think I’d ultimately get more use from her, but part of me wonders if tank isn’t the most important slot on a defense team, and thus, most worthy of emblems?)

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Hel for offense, Onatel for defense. I would give the emblems to Hel unless you don’t like raiding on offense much. The AI on defense is not very smart on assigning abilities sometimes. Onatel seems to do better on Def even with a ‘bad’ special. I have neither, but face them frequently and would much rather face Hel on defense than Onatel. Onatel is usually a Reroll.

I’ll let others give you better advice on which talents to go with. Probably attack + defense for Hel.

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Hel for offense and defense…health and defense path.

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Hel all day. I have a Hel +6. Removed emblems from Onatel.
My emblem route went with whichever side that has the defense node (be it attack/HP).

I would keep Poseidon in a corner with limited use except for the snipe (Joon is a better option if you have him).

Mitsuko is fun to use if you pair her well (have to use heroes that lure them to stack blue). Excellent for offense and against blue titans/event & level blue bosses. She is the best sorceress followed by Morgan.

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