Laidback alliance looking for regular players

Hi we’re “Drunken Warriors”, a casual international bunch of:
11 regular players who participate in wars and 4 regular/occasional players that don’t do war or events

We’re looking for a few new regular players to join our ranks sowe can start hitting stronger titans again.
6-7 star titans atm

Our rules are simple:

  • Participation in war is optional, but if you participate then use all flags.
  • Hit the titan when you’re online.
  • Let us know when you’ll be away for a while, we all know RL can throw us curve balls.

A merger with a like-minded alliance is open for discussion.

@rakkhar1 We have a new team joining our family of alliances. Would you be interested in merging? This will be their new name upon joining.

Do u have Line? Nonot.29 if u can entertain a talk. Thanks.

Hi Nirvana29, we don’t have Line, yet I checked out Crew-mates and we don’t meet your cup requirement.
You are also 20/30 and we only have 13 spots open ATM.


Please check Always Room for Jell-O

Hi, im from Crew-mates. We Dont mind the cups, i can trim down our numbers if needed, but the problem is how can we talk?

Hello GlootingMoose, thanks for showing interest. We have space for 14 new members, yet it looks like you are 16 in your alliance, am I right?


Yes, we have 16 dedicated players who has been together more than 3 years.

I was hoping that you alliance might be interested joining in our alliance.

Thank you for reading

GlootingMoose, we’re 15 now, but also much interested in keeping our alliance and having you guys merge in with us. Is that a possibility?
I’m asking my gang whether they’re open to merging into another alliance and will let you know either way.

Hi Rakkhar,

We currently have 17 members most of whom been in this alliance over 3 years. Unfortunately our members would not go anywhere. If you are your team mates interested, please feel free to join us. We have open door for anyone who is interested

Hi GlootingMoose, can we discuss merger options on LINE? My LINE ID = Rakkhar