Grim Raiders is looking for you!

Grim Raiders currently has 2 spots open. 18+, English preferred but not required. Wars optional, attacking Titans a must! You’re welcome to stop by for a visit, try us out, and hopefully find a new home! :sunny:

Here’s a little about us: We’ve been around for well over a year. We have a very active core, mixed group M/F, many of whom have been with us since the beginning. A bunch of happy Stoners and friends having fun and killing Titans. Join us on our conquest.

  • We’re very tolerant. Players can uncheck participation in wars to deal with work, medical, family, and other RL issues. We recommend war strategies in the Featured Message, but have only one war rule: Attack who you want when you want! :smile: No required attack times, attack bans, nor kicks / demotions for low scores. We do our best and have fun!

  • The majority of us are fairly competitive so we enjoy our wars and our score is ascending! Since war is a group endeavor, we ask all our players that participate to work towards 6 teams and use their flags -or- to check non-participating. Leveling teams takes a long time (I’m still working on mine, who isn’t!) so we don’t expect fully leveled ones. Participation is not required, but definitely encouraged.

  • Chat is used for news, jokes, and communicating Titan and war strategy, not Line or Discord. Most of us love to travel & chat, but chatting is optional. Reading chat is important. Two of our players just had a baby!

  • Most of our players are from across the US, but we do have several from Europe, South Africa, Arabia, and even New Zealand. The common language is English, but we’ve been known to translate.

  • We attempt to keep drama at a minimum. All alliances have issues to resolve, but we try to remember this is a game and this is not a place for stress.

  • We’re currently taking down 8* titans with ease, and are working on 9*s but just haven’t gotten there quite yet. Come help us!

Sorry, full again currently!

2 spots open - two of our members found native-language alliances, so we wave a fond farewell to them, and welcome you. :sunny: Come give us a try!

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