The Redneck Squires

The Redneck Squires are a brand new alliance aimed at helping new players learn Empires and Puzzles. We have 20+ spots open to anyone of any skill level. We use the Line app and have our own specialized hero experts that can help you make the right decisions for your lineup. We are currently battling 1 & 2* titans. This is a great opportunity for new players to get in on the ground floor in an alliance with experienced players without having to field 6 war teams or fight stronger titans. As you grow, there may be an opportunity to join our successful sister alliance, The Royal Knights. Come hang out for a bit, and let us help you avoid the mistakes that set back your growth in the game.

The Redneck Squires are still in need of 15 or so players. Our goal is to help newer players learn, but everybody is welcome. We are pretty laid back at this point, but we can get as serious as you want to be, and the option is still there to move to our main alliance, The Royal Knights, for the right people. Hitting 2* and 3* titans so its still pretty base level if you just started or maybe were thinking about an alternate account. We’d love to have you join us.

Still have 10 spots left. Somebody actually said that they saw this post so I figured I would update it so somebody else that would like some help can find it. We had a handful of people drop in for a day or just leave immediately, please understand that we all work and can’t always be on. If you decide to drop by, give us a little time to welcome you and please consider downloading the Line app. We will add you as quickly as possible and you will always be available through the app. I am not the brains of the operation, but you can reach me directly on Line if you search Line ID samz412, and I will answer any questions that I can for anybody. Thanks, have a great weekend.

We still have spots open for anybody looking for an active alliance where you can learn. Our core group has gotten pretty serious, and unfortunately we had to remove a couple of people, mostly for inactivity, but we have also promoted a member to The Royal Knights. You don’t have to consider yourself a redneck to join, we welcome anybody, from anywhere. We’re here to help, so if thats what you are looking for stop in and check us out. Have a great day.

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