Brand New Alliance Looking for Active Members - Bønerfight Knights

Come join the Bønerfight Knights! We’re about 1 month old and are between 5* and 4* titans at the moment. We’ve been winning most wars also!

15 slots open and our existing members are awesome!

EST time zone is advisable. We have a knowledgeable core and are willing to share what we can.

We’re growing fast! 8 new members in 4 days! We’ve won our first war and Titans are going down easy. Come check us out!

LMAO bonerfarts. Wow

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We’ve just won our 2nd war and are up to 3* Titans after a week since creation. Still looking for new members!!

We’re still recruiting! Come check us out!

Still recruiting and growing! And still looking for Gavin!

Bump! We’re still recruiting and looking for YOU! Cheers!

Still looking for members! Come join a laid back group!

We’re still recruiting! Room for 15 people!

Brand new to the game and looking to learn what I can. Just learned of the forums so trying to soak it all in but looking for an active alliance that is willing to take on a newbie and train him. Any takers?

Since our inception, we’ve had a few members in your shoes who have grown a lot. We’re happy to help. We only ask that you be active. If you’re going to be offline for a while, let us know via chat and opt out of wars until you come back.

There’s a lot of great info here on the forums, after you weed through the complaints. My advice is to be patient not spend money on the game other than maybe VIP a few times until you get your Stronghold and Training Camp to level 20. This is assuming you don’t have a huge amount of disposable income, of course.

Ok sounds great. I’m quite active. Right now I’m just waiting on things to regen to be able to raid/attack. Do you use chat or some sort of app?

We use chat mostly, but it’s usually pretty quiet since we’re still growing and wars don’t require a lot of strategy at this level. We set up a Line group, but only two of us even use it.

Still looking - back up to 5* titans and we just killed our first 5* Rare and without mercs!

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