Recruiting for a low-key alliance - Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a laid back alliance currently hitting 5/6* titans and hoping to hit higher tier titans with a few more active members.

No Line requirement. No War participation requirement (but if you do participate, we ask that you hit at least three times). We do not really plan out war hits or strategy (minus having red tanks) and permit members to hit when is convenient for their respective schedules.

We recognize that real life takes priority and hope to find members that want to have fun and grow together. Great place to develop your roster or take a break from more active/demanding alliances.

We would be open for a merge as well. We currently have 13 members with 7 of us pretty regularly active.

Hi, we are working on 2nd casual-caring, little training alliance :wink: Please check ♤Witcher’s Brew♤ maybe it will be a good place for you. You can contact me on line app as well to check details. Best regards

Hey Ven,

Seems like 6, maybe 7, would be interested in a merger, but we wanted to ask some clarifying questions:

  1. Is Line a requirement for the alliance?
  2. For war, is there coordination of attacks or can members attack when convienient for his/her schedule?
  3. Is there a current tank color used for war? If so, what is it?


thanks for respone :slight_smile: I think that it would be best if we could talk on line app where I can share all details with you. Here are brief answers for your questions:

  1. Line is required. We don’t force activity on chat and everyone can mute the chat. However we ask to react for tags from leaders if something important is going on. We have also a lot of useful stuff posted in our room and we use a bot for quick game reference.
  2. No priority attacks and no time coordination. We ask everyone to use all flags and have fun.
  3. Current tank is Red unless it’s changing right now. It was most suitable color for Witchers Brew.

If you have more questions please ask or catch us on line app: venomousmind or abster1203

Best regards :wink:

Is this thread still active with alliances seeking potential merge?

Pls pm me at saberofempires

Seeking mid-level players or maybe merge with similar alliance.

Hey Ice_Saber, we are going to try a merge with the group Ven suggested. If it doesn’t work out, I will message you on this thread to see if something could work out between us.

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I’ll be watching. Good luck!!

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