Marj or Elena, who gets the rings?

I’ve always thought Marj but a few people have said Elena which has given me second thoughts now…can anyone give a shout for Azlar? Khagans well out of the picture (well not the picture I’ve put up, he’s clearly in that :joy:)

Thanks for any advice guys

Marjana for long term investment. She can be brought anywhere and if u emblem her, she can dodge enemies attack.

Others heroes are secondary, rings them if u have excessive rings. For core team, surely marjana is


Although do i need another sniper? Ive also got Joon at 3/70 and Grimm at +20…Elena would be something a bit different…but shes slow, i hate slow…decisions decisions :thinking::joy:

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You do have good snipers, but Marj is THE good RED sniper… she’s worth having Elena wait.

Also, since Elena’s counterattack is the focal point of her special, it works well at 3^70. Marj would be very underwhelming 3^70.

Marj is also a perfect drop in for Scarlett on your current setup, since she can steal her emblems.


Marjana no doubt. Kill Tellura


Good point…all those damn Tellurias :rofl:

Marjana… as others mentioned.

Elena and azlar are both kind of niche heroes, especially in today’s game. They’d be useful in the Vfast raid tournaments and perhaps add some fun to farming the world map. Their high attack stats are appealing for titans as well.

But for pvp, marj is the way to go. She’s a solid choice for defense. And very useable in war and raids. Let’s not forget her costume has yet to be revealed… so I’m hoping for a nice improvement in her soon as well. :slight_smile:


Another vote for Marjana. Marjana and Elena are my only two Red 5*s.

Elena has higher attack, and is better for Titans. And arguably for the world map (hits all, riposte whittles down the enemy)… but for Raids and Wars, she need support to stay alive.

Marjana does well on both Raid/War defense AND offense on her own. She’s quite sturdy for a sniper. The burn DoT helps kill off pesky Fighters who keep reviving (I’m looking at you Boldtusk!)


Kingston is immune to burn.


@Merseyblue - My first instinct was to say “Elena”.

She was my first red 5 (in fact my first 5* ever, and I was so excited to get the poster girl of the game!! But I digress…)*

Elena helped me wade through so many tough map stages and otherwise unbeatable boss enemies just because of her riposte skill. As others mentioned, she is very good on Map stages. But she is extremely squishy - very low defense. But that is by design. Helps with dishing out much higher riposte damage (as she takes more damage). If you’re not comfortable working with riposte heroes, then probably you wouldn’t like using her in your team. (I love riposte skill.). btw, Elena has extremely high tile damage. So, she’ll be a useful addition to titan team.

Marjana, on the other hand, is kind of the polar opposite in terms of stats: she’s sturdy, snipes down the opponent, and leaves a lingering DoT. She has low tile damage.

So, I guess, the important question is: Where do you plan to use your newly leveled hero?

  • Are you planning to put her on defense team? may be Marjana is the way to go… (again, think emblems… can you emblem her up to a decent node?)

  • Are you in need of a sniper? Again, Marjana is a good choice (emblems might not matter much if you’re looking just for a sniper, not necessarily on your def team)

  • Are you planning to put her on titan teams or red stacks? Elena is the way to go.

  • Are you just leveling a 5* hero just for fun? In that case too, may I suggest Elena? because riposte heroes are just fun to play with. :grin: (My personal bias)

Once you have a plan for where to use your hero, I think your decision will be easier.

Hope this helps you make a more informed decision.!

Cheers!! :beers:


Right, thanks for the correction.

That’s just one of many… generally speaking, yes the dot is very effective against the revive.


I know. I am just pointing out that Kingstom is immune to the burn DoT.

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Thanks @Math4lyfe for reinforcing my main point :slight_smile: (I went back and changed my example so as not to weaken it).

I was probably thinking about how my Proteus finally killed a Kingston that kept reviving 5 times in a row, but Marjana has done the same with burn-vulnerable heroes like Colen or Boldtusk.

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