☠ The Pirate Horde – a rich history, a glorious future. Rum! Join us! Yaarrr!

Looked at your roster this morning. Nice to see all members active. Currently memeber of Angry Hobbits. I play mainly in the a.m. and late afternoon CST.


Hi @Cixelsyd . Do you have the Line app so we can chat?
If so, my lineID is: steve9999ep - you can add me via Line ID and we can chat - look for the Puffin.

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Hi Steve, thinking about moving around a bit, visiting friends from forum, building a training alliances for new ones or whatever, not sure yet and busy till Thursday anyway but keeping it in mind of course since you seem to be a relaxed group of pirates having no problems with the basic alliance stuff. Also you really need to pimp your alliance name :skull_and_crossbones: ¸.·♪♫ ♬ The Pirate Horde ★彡, will look like your banner skull is singing your alliance name then :crazy_face: should be only pirate related emojis of course then, I’m our chief name and stuff designer :joy:

Will think about it till thursday, then my busy days should be over, hopefully.
See ya One Piece Episode 380, Binks' Sake By Rumba Pirates - YouTube


Well we love the icon @vanZille, so …

No competent to do the rest :joy:


Copy paste from here ¸.·♪♫ ♬ , should work :smile: and here’s the emoji list


There wouldn’t be enough room for all my witty war messages :rofl:


Oh man, you really need a designer, usually pirates have none :joy::fox_face:
Here it is

Copy/paste from here to game •♪
¸.·♪♫ ♬

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Pirates are having a democratic vote :rofl:


You’re getting there, but the •♪ and skull in front of text makes it look better, the text is too much to the left, try it, maybe your mates like it :smile:

That’s not looking good, put in the •♪ and skull, believe me, they will love it :skull_and_crossbones::fox_face::smile:

It’s about how others see it too and thats the view from outside your alliance.
Only important that you don’t change the alliance name to another style since it can’t be found by alliance search, the pirate horde has always to be written like that, now other style of writing, unfortunately since I would have a million ideas for that :smile:

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:heart_eyes: too bad there’s no emoji allowed for beer or rum


You win!

I guess it depends what device you are using.

And what happened to my recruitment thread :smile:


No, it is how you see it on your alliance screen, go to war screen and click on your alliance banner to see how others from outside see it.
At least it’s an active recruiting thread :smile: so your mates like it or is the voting still going on?
Btw, your game name could need some spicy pimping too :joy: I use various font generators, not every symbol is working, needs a bit time to get it done and more time if you take pieces out of certain stuff you like.

Sorry for spamming your thread, Im done now and can of course delete that stuff if you want me to :smile::fox_face:


All good. The pirates seem to love it so far. Our black hearted captain @ProfLoki will be the ultimate arbiter.

I have thought about pimping my name for a long time and have this stored in my notes …. §†êvê⁹⁹⁹⁹

So far I’ve been too tight to spend the gems to change it.

No need to delete anything. Thanks for the suggestions :pray:


Apologies for the diversion into emoji discussions … back to recruiting …

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I do not, sorry. Also, headed to work. Off at 5, usually log back in early evening. I’ll check this thread throughout the day. Let me know how to use/install, etc Line App and I’ll get it installed. Thanks for your time, and i look forward to chatting and discussing possible future with your team.
Also, looks like i can only reply in about 26 minutes…


Line is a social media app favoured by gamers @Cixelsyd
It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (Android)

It’s a bit like WhatsApp, but you don’t have to reveal your ‘phone number to others.

Once you have an account, you can add me as a friend via my Line ID and we can talk .

The 30 minute reply thing is probably because you are new to the Forum. Just explore a bit and you will get better permissions.

my lineID is: steve9999ep

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The pirate horde is a great group to play with. They are extremely welcoming and know how to have a good laugh. If you’re looking for a place that all about empathy and clean friendly chat this is a great option. Good luck my friends


Right up your street then :rofl:

Seriously, thanks for the plug @Mistress_of_Shadows.
It was an honour to have you sail with us for a while :pray:


Look what I found the other day! Thought of you guys straight away!


A major storm and tempestuous seas over the last few days have meant that, sadly, we have lost a few weary pirates to Davy Jone’s Locker leaving us with an unprecedented four free hammocks!

We are hopeful that two former shipmates will rejoin us over the weekend (looking at you @luna and @Joesiera)

And @vanZille you are still welcome to come check out our recently pimped alliance banner - inspired by your good self.

@Cixelsyd - are you still interested - I haven’t seen you on Line yet?

As ever It would be great to have any Forum friends on board - even if just for a visit!

12/13/14* Titans and generally full war flag usage. We are currently ranked around 2500 as an alliance, but that is with 4 pirates missing. No spending requirements whatsoever. Coordinated was defence, but otherwise free for all in war. War optional but 6 flags mandatory if you are on the battlefield. We hope that folk will participate in all Alliance related activities like Titans, Monster Island, Alliance Quest, Mythic Titans etc. Otherwise do what you like (I skip Towers and some seasonal events for my sanity!) We do require Line app to communicate.

You can ask me about us on Line if you like and think you might fit. My line is: steve9999ep - look for the Puffin and look forward to sharing a rum with you very soon!