☠ Knightmares are recruiting / looking for merger (6 spots open)

After some hiatus Knightmares are back and looking for a handful of fresh faces. We have a wide range skill and experience, ranging from 1000 trophies, up to in the region of 2600+ trophies. We are mature, supportive of each other, and we value loyal and active players. We are primarily an English speaking alliance, but have members hailing from all over the world.

Big ups to our leader @BeardedDragon for almost 900 days in the alliance!

All we ask is that you participate in titan battles, wars and engaging and encouraging your fellow alliance members!

We are currently taking on 8-9* titans.

Feel free to PM myself any questions here, or apply to join Knightmares in game, or add me on line @ og_tokolosh

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5 spots remain :grinning:

This morning we welcomed another new member, leaving us 4 spots to fill :grinning:

4 spots are remaining as of today

And down to just 3 spots remaining :sunglasses:

Bump twenty characters

3 spots open! Currently taking on 7-8* titans… growing in strength we are :sunglasses:

I’d like to join. Just started two weeks ago or so. But I’ve been pretty consistent and steadily growing.

Ada yang mau gabung tidak di alliance " grave of ancient gods "

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Hey Whisk, search for us in game… see you there!

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Get your own thread man :sweat_smile:

Invite sent. Apparently this needs to be 20 characters.

Hello there. Happy new year! Does the invitation still stand? I would like to join and I will definitely contribute my best to the alliance! Thanks!

You certainly can @lightsmessenger. Find the alliance ‘Knightmares’ in game and I will see you there!

Just 1 spot open!

20 char

2 spots open since lightsmessenger joined another alliance.

Hey there -
Got room for MaxRockatansky? Looking for a more active alliance with people enjoy the whole alliance bit of this game. Previous alliances have been duds. Thanks

Search for us in game Max, you’ll enjoy your stay I guarantee it!

I’m considering leaving my current alliance soon… They are really nice people but I feel rusty and not progressing.

That’s my rooster, will I fit to you? Another thing is I don’t use line/discord but I’m pretty active.

Hello, and greetings from Germany.

I hope I got you right. Looking for an alliance? We are newcomers. And we are still looking for members in our alliance. If you are interested, just get in touch with me. Continue to be a lot of success, for the future.

Bye Aramise