BLOOD AND BONES has openings!


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Ive been looking for a new alliance. But, what is discord?

Discord is a server that allows players to communicate better by sharing spreadsheets, screenshots, links, videos . . . It’s an app that can be on your phone or laptop.

Feel free to join us :slight_smile:


Thanks @munkeephun for the graphic!

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Been looking for some more titan activity for sure. Always open for advice as well for improvement. Only been in 2 alliances the last 6 months, so don’t hop around, but seems once we get to a 4 star, only have 4 or 5 of us active. Here is my stat screen shot.

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Hey Todd, If you haven’t found an alliance yet, then you’re more than welcome to join us. We are killing 7* and it won’t take long for us to be killing 8* with no problem.

Judging by your stats, Blood and Bones would be a great fit for you. Check us out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Blood and Bones treat

I’m not sure what you mean elenax. . .

Just joined. Thanks for having me :slight_smile:

Looking for active alliance to kill any titans. Hydras, dragons, demons,…etc. Want to kill them all!
Except goats. Can’t kill goats. Goats are too cute and precious. Please Don’t kill goats. If a goat comes up, I can’t , I just can’t . Might put a ribbon on it instead. #Dont_kill_goats #Put A Ribbon On It

Love your intro Goatsrider - come check us out. Right now we’re working on a Unicorn (not sure with the rules if you’ll get to play) but come check us out!

I will warn both @Nasticus and @GoatsRider - beware the trout in our group!

Trout? Hot skillet, olive oil, sear skin side down on high heat. Remove from pan. Add butter, white wine, lemon, capers. Cook down wine. Spoon sauce on plate and plate skin side up. Trout. Now about those goats… :clinking_glasses:

Except I don’t like to eat fish

Glad to have you! :grinning:

Talkative, encouraging group! Check us out.

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