☠ The Pirate Horde – a rich history, a glorious future. Rum! Join us! Yaarrr!

Have you ever considered a life of piracy? The Pirate Horde is recruiting scallawags, swashbucklers, drunks, and rogues of all sorts. Full medical, vision, and dental includes peg legs, eye patches, and wooden dentures with no deductible or copays. Search The Pirate Horde


Good group of people, although a new alliance will grow fast! Join now you won’t regret it


If you’re looking for an active alliance where everyone is friendly and laid back, but also regularly participates in Titan hits and War, we’re a great group to join — just search The Pirate Horde.

Currently easily taking down 5* Titans, on our way to 6* soon. Right now we’re working on a 5* Rare Unicorn that’s halfway dead in the first 6 hours.


Looking for an active and talkative group, with great participation and a friendly, laid back, and helpful environment? Check out The Pirate Horde.

We won our last 2 Wars against stronger matchups thanks to 100% participation on our side.

We’re currently comfortably taking down 6* Titans, and working on 7*.

1000+ trophies preferred, but if you’re below that or want to bring along a few people and need the requirement lowered, just give us an arrrr.

Search The Pirate Horde and join us if a pirate’s life is for you


Need some mates? Join The Pirate Horde for a friendly, talkative, and relaxed alliance of very active Titan hitters and War participants.

Currently 3 spots available and we’re hitting 7* Titans.

Very active and supportive group in the game and on chat — step aboard The Pirate Horde.


As a bonus to the 6 and 7 star titans, zep will help you train your parrot! Search the pirate horde


:crossed_swords::skull::crossed_swords: ahoy! :skull:

Are ye lookin’ fer an active alliance full o’ knowledgeable scallywags that like t’ natter? :crossed_swords:

Are ye lookin’ t’ grow wit’ a new alliance ‘n get loot while havin’ fun?! :skull:

Well look no further than The Pirate Horde.

Currently taking down 7 star titans and winning Wars thanks to 100% participation.

Only requirements are 400 trophies and having fun playing the game.

Join The Pirate Horde now or ye will walk th’ plank arrrr! :crossed_swords: :skull: :crossed_swords:

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Join now for our special rum celebration of our 3rd War win in a row against a stronger team thanks to 100% participation and 96% flag usage.

And we chopped the wings off another 7* Titan.

4 spots available, come aboard The Pirate Horde!

Great very active group, join now, you won’t regret it. :crossed_swords:

We’re winning Wars and killing 7* Titans thanks to 100% participation.

If you’re looking for an active group, look no further than The Pirate Horde.

Currently crushing six star titans and killing 7’s. Winning wars thanks to 100% participation. Join today and zep will tell ya a secret.

Like to chat? Engaged and active while keeping things fun and upbeat? Looking for like-minded adults who are committed players but laid back and no pressure?

Then The Pirate Horde is for you!

We’re a merry bunch, active, talkative, and supportive. Step aboard, and become a Pirate!

Down to 3 spots available, if you’re thinking of joining pop in now and say hi, so you can decide if we’re the right place for you before we’re all full!

Just a couple spots remaining, join up before they are gone!

Come sing and dance with us… 27 on a dead mans chest yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, come join us and we can sing about 28 on a dead mana chest

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We’re comfortably taking down 7* Titans with 100% participation. 8* coming soon, come join us and help!

We’re onto working on 8* Titans now, and still maintaining our 100% participation streak!

If you’re looking for a friendly, active, helpful, and laid back alliance, then step aboard The Pirate Horde! :crossed_swords:

Join up today 3 spots open 7/8 star titans!

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Looking for an active alliance where everyone hits Titans and War, while being laid back, friendly, talkative, and supportive?

We’ve managed to get a group of 27 like-minded adults together, and are keeping the game both fun and active.

We’re consistently taking down 7* Titans and working on 8*. We care more about you being friendly and joining in our laid back and supportive vibe than your trophy count or team power.

If that sounds like the kind of alliance you’re looking for, come join The Pirate Horde.

Down to our last 2 spots for The Pirate Horde!

If you’re looking for an active, talkative, supportive group that wins Wars and takes down Titans thanks to consistent 100% participation, come claim your spot before we’re full!