The Nutty Bunch is recruiting!

This is a young alliance looking to grow. We are open to all levels right now, those who want to grow and those who want to lead. If you are looking to advance in a group, this may be the one for you. Any leaders must use Discord. Anyone is welcome to join our Discord server -

Alliance Rules are:

  1. Must attack the Titan daily. We recognize life sometimes gets in the way. If you are unable to make hits, then you need to explain why (preferably ahead of time). If you miss two Titans in a row, you will be booted (unless we have notice as to why you’re missing).

  2. Must either participate in wars or opt out. Participating in wars means using all 6 war flags and agreeing to follow different strategy attempts. There is no consequence if you opt out.

  3. Important announcements are made in yellow in the in game chat. They will also be posted on Discord.

  4. If your name is called out by a leader (either in the in game chat or here on Discord), then you need to respond. Our alliance can only grow if folks communicate.

  5. Share ideas, tips, strategies! We want to hear what you think.

bumpity bump bump bump

Hi. What level titan are you at as I’m looking to get into a new alliance that are on 4*-6* ones x

There are only 3 of us in the alliance and so we are only hitting 1 and 2 * Titans right now. As we get more members, that will grow.

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