Anybody want a peanut?!

Ok we may not really be giving away peanuts but we do have a bunch of open spots in our alliance “The Brute Squad” it would be inconceivable to pass up this opportunity!! all we expect is for ya to hit the titan and use all war flags if you’re opted in.we may not be hitting huge titans atm but i have a feeling we’ll get there pretty quick!! anyway if you think you’re a good fit and would like a chance to play with the one and only Han Alister (lol totally kidding) please feel free to check us out!!


No more rhymes now, I mean it!

Not looking for an alliance but your group name and post title made me actually lol :smile:


Not looking for alliance but considering my name I had to say love your name


And now only 6 spots left! we just offed another 6* with 13 hours left…please feel free to join us in the quest to find the 6 fingered man “The Brute Squad” all we ask is for you to hit the titan and use all your flags in wars if you opt in!!

N I was expecting a savoury nibble!!! :slight_smile: … Great intro to your team, I’m possibly looking for a new home shortly…

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Couple spots opened up hitting 10* titans!! come join in on the fun

2 spots available!! trying to get people who like hitting titans and use all there war flags!!

I’m not much a fan of peanuts,
but I might be a wiki genius.
I have a few five star heroes
Like Evelyns and Aerons

What I’m here saying
is I plan to keep playing
hard in wars and titans
with magic and matching gems

I’m just waitin’ on this war,
givin’ my enemies what for
then we can spar a bit
and chow on some trail mix

((Fully maxed heroes: Agwe, Caedmon, Sabina, Guardian Jackal, Boldtusk, Proteus, with 6 other 4* heroes at 3.60. I also have Frida and Aeron at 3.70, nearly got Atomos there, Azlar is chillin’ at 2.60 with Richard and Thorne. Wilbur’s my dawg for titans, along with Guardian Jackal, Frida, and Evelyn helpin’ for their various titans.

In war I generally score about 150-250 points (my last three teams are still a little lacking), while my titan hits average 20-30k, with red and yellow titans posing the most difficulty at the moment.))

As ya see above, I’ll drop an app once the current war’s through.

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Heck yeah c’mon over whenever you’re ready!!

1 spot open!! happy friday everyone!

I applied earlier in the month and gotta say - it’s been a great month with a great bunch of people, talkative in in-game chat, who use all flags each day (with very little exception). It’s a great crew to work and grow with, for sure. 9*-10* titans for now.

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Welp here we go again lol looking to fill 4 spots please before you join all we ask is that you hit the titan regularly and use all 6 war flags if you opt in! we’re hitting 10-11* titans if you’re interested please stop on by and check us out @ “the brute squad” anyway have a good one!

2 spots open! hitting and killing 10-11* titans

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