Juicy Gang needs to replenish the ranks

Well, here we go.
We’re 8/30 players at the moment, most of us lvl30+ tp3500+, we hit 4* titans and we play daily but these are things that’s not really what’s important to us.

We’re a casual alliance. We like to kill the titan, we like to win wars and we like to generally play the game. Here’s the thing though, if the titan doesn’t die - a new one comes after, no biggie. Same with wars, although we appreciate if you use your flags if you participate but sometimes life happens and guess what, a new war comes along, no biggie.

We’ve had new members come in and act like flag nazis and then left because that’s not really who we are so if it’s important to you that EVERY titan dies then this is not the alliance for you.

However, if you enjoy playing the game, don’t blush at foul language and enjoy hanging out in the chat then you should come by and check us out. Come for the name and stay for the stories is where we’re at at the moment.

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