The Snoochie Bunch - Recruiting Fun/Active players

Required Trophies: 800
Active Participation in Wars and Titans

The Snoochie Bunch is a fun and friendly Alliance who are learning and growing together. We started from the embers of a dying Alliance. The core members have been playing together for about 6+ months now. To be transparent, we are still small and have plenty of room for recruits. :slight_smile:

I will reiterate that we require active participation in Wars and Titans. I know everyone has lives outside the game too, so just message us if you will be inactive for a period of time. Otherwise, inactive members will result in a boot.

We don’t have any cool logos or 12* Titan promises, however we are a fun bunch. We can discuss strategies as a group. Everyone member is entitled to an opinion!

The Alliance is currently set to open join (I know, I’m crazy). If you would like to join, go ahead find us under “The Snoochie Bunch”. I hope you are a good fit for our group. If not, there are plenty of Alliances out there to join if it doesn’t work out.

Thank you. Have a nice day :v:

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