The Hero Position - Element - Talent - Report



The Hero Position ✧ Element ✧ Talent - Report

Version 1 Release date: February 2, 2019

Preview: Data is extracted from the Hero Utility to provide you this unique set of data in a easy to review format - keeping top of mind the v18 addition of Classes and Talents. Hero Positioning (and teams) are factual based on Leaderboard Top-100 player teams that qualify for inclusion. It’s a great set of data and extremely interesting to review. It will answer a LOT of questions some people might have.

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Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)

@Rook @MrsBCW @WuMac @Boolz @FishDreams @Garanwyn @FrenziedEye @AirHawk @Jerme82 @zephyr1 - CC’ing a couple of you that may be interested in this. RaZ


@Roxy_TM @666Sweetness @Runecaster @Pois1 @Mariamne @Kikyo @Starryeyedgryph @NPNKY @FraVit93 @SpunkRat


Absolutely! Thanks for the @. I’ll go take a look.


Thanks Razor! Im always interested. I would love to be a member of your group , i think the membership section is down right now i will try again tomorrow.


Thanks @Razor! With this even inexperienced players could figure the most common / effective teams combinations for their defenses, opposed to single hero’s positions only! :slight_smile:


@FraVit93 - That’s great to hear you think that. As Time moves on the Heroes being selected for Talents will become very clear as well - which I’m very interested in (some are obvious - GRAVEMAKER - over 50% of the Heroes that got selected for that effort - at least initially). Other stats are going to be put into it as well - such as positional selections (i.e. who’s most used in Left Wing/Rear).

@Jerme82 - you are welcome. The member area is still under construction however have some cool things going on - i really like how the friendly competition boards have come together!

@Garanwyn - cool. Hope you like it!

@Rigs - we will have to chat a bit about some of the ideas you and I have to pull this thing together better and take it to the next level…


Will done Razor.


this is awesome!
i think i found a typo on the team population distribution: 2/1/1/1 reads 429 and i believe it should be 29


@Kor1sco you sure as heck did!!! That section should add up to exactly 100. The section below it should add up exactly to 500.

I see they both add up to 500 so my code counter is not correct in that summary section!!! Thanks again will get that fixed ASAP - that’s why it helps so much to have people help out!



@Kor1sco - its 8:50A USA-MST. I have corrected the report and made it available! Thanks again. Rzr


@Jerme82 if you have any issues please just shoot me an email. and I will be timely in assisting. It should never be down. This goes for any of you that have any issues with the site. It is possible that it’s not absolutely clear what your supposed to do to get in… I’ve done my best however I know the site (so feel free to share anything that may be confusing so I can make it easier). Thanks!


Looks great @Razor checking it on the site now


Thanks razor. Its impressive how much work has gone into that site!


I wonder @Kerridoc what does it takes till some awesome player like Razor becomes a Game Speciallest !
Could you please sort it here. Cause I recommened having more game speciallests to assist the game …
With 2 recommendions:

Have a great day


Always happy to see improvements Razor! Looks good!


The game specialist title is granted by staff. So far, game specialists are a subset of moderators.


@Jedon ha ha - that’s kind of you thinking that would be something I would be good at. Honestly even were that honor offered I would turn it down as my life is already as full as it can be :crazy_face:!

@Rook & @Kerridoc are excellent in the role!

Thanks buddy!


Only two players have ever been granted the title: Coppersky and Kerridoc. :wink:


Oh shucks! Lol - yes the legendary @Coppersky! He is awesome!