The Hero Position - Element - Talent - Report


“She, sir!”


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Oh no. Sorry Coppersky! :smile:

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Just courious. Did you forget about Yunan?

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@Sirfightsalot - not at all. Yunan is a bad ■■■!!! Just wasn’t in the data that was collected (this is about a 4-5 hour effort in just collecting) and qualifications are your team MUST maintain a Top-100 spot for 10 minutes minimum. I personally believe it’s his Rarity in terms of OWNERSHIP that may play a part in this to a degree (I’m just not sure to what % that would be - and not having him myself I just don’t have the experience with him to say he should be in here - based on my raids against Yunan - if that man gets his special off - it’s pretty devastating - if he gets it off).


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Guys, this report is just going to get MORE and MORE Kick AXE as time continues.

Collection Data now includes Troop (what type) and what Level for each Hero in each position (I just haven’t integrated it into the report) - may be a different one… Also now capturing RANK of the TOP-100 not only in initial RANK at Snapshot, but Rank on the back-end after TIME has passed.

Effective 2/15/2019 back dated to the 2/9/2019 data
This is huge in regards to the data itself - knowing so many of us struggle with having a BIG BAD TANK if we lack Guin and GRAVY…

For example… it will make it clear as to this visuals viability in decision making…

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It’s interesting to see how much more concentrated Yellow and Red are on a few kinds of heroes than, say Purple. Thanks for running this! I’m really looking forward to seeing the troop reports when they’re up.

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I can tell you now MANA TROOPS MANA TROOPS… @Garanwyn
In general…



Thanks for all the hard work you do razor!
Is the data showing mana troops are better then hp/crit troops once gerring into the 20’s for defence team? I run sabta tank with delilah flank… Both hp crit for the minions and survivability. I use my mana troops for my fast snipers but wonder when it makes a difference if they are already at fast mana?

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This is great. Thanks @Razor

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So far Mana Troops are definitely the preference. I don’t have it in the report yet, coming in the next version so probably about a week out as I need to get the next data round update first… You bet @Jerme82 I love doing this stuff!

I’m EXTREMELY interested in the Talent Leveling selections. I think I’m going to take a HUGE gamble and go in another direction, it’s going to MAKE or BREAK me!!!

Anyone catch this one…


Don’t think I have EVER seen her in the Data before, EVER!



@Razor. Razor i bearly loose Yunan in a fight except on red titans. Its about 75/25 for him surviving. Only thong thats a bummer is his tile damage is only a rated at C. But the emblems will fix that in time.



v3 Release Date : March 07, 2019

The Summary looks specifically at:

  1. Heroes that have been Class Leveled - looking at the Avg Class Level per Team Position
  2. Heroes Troop Types used - Troop Type Distribution (Critical vs Mana) per Team Position
  3. Heroes Troop Levels used - Average Troop Levels per Team Position

I’m really starting to like this report… Just noticing those who commented on here previously of the additional information. The new report is ready…

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Thanks Razor for tagging me.

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As always great stuff Razor. I really like the breakdowns. Easy to understand and follow. Kudos! :+1:

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Thanks for the tag razor, please keeep tagging me, however, it’s.

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Clearly if anyone is struggling with the question “Do I level my MANA Troops or my CRITICAL Troops”… go MANA. The data is very clear on this (and I’ve been looking at it regularly - this is just my first publication). Fact is you get what you get - there are a fair chunk of the player population doing just fine with CRITICAL! If you have the luxurious option, go MANA.

@Jedon, @Jerme82, @EVA01



If … yup is the correct word xD
Well coice Raz



Clearly I’ve made a mistake leveling my crit troops! Heh :neutral_face:



@Justab0x - Nah, it is what it is… This is just a recommend based on data. Crit Hits are awesome! Just the quicker MANA boost (which requires some higher leveling mind you) think overall in the end is preferred as well a bit more useful. With the randomness you can do well with CRIT troops as well. Keep your chin up!!! Go CRIT hit some Enemies!

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