The Flying Dutchman could use some new deckhands (3400+ tp)

A few of our long standing crew members had to take leave and go ashore due to land lubber issues, so we’re finding ourselves in need of some new recruits. At present we have 9 spots open so we would also welcome small groups of players wanting to make the move together.

We have a strong, solid core of long time players (regular raid top 100) and with current numbers we’re defeating 9* titans. War strategy is in place and reaping havoc on the high seas (but opting out is totally fine). To quote one of our veterans: “I like the ‘I have a life and I know you have one too, but let’s still do this pretty seriously’ vibe we got going” :sunglasses:

So if you’re looking for a chill place to play with experienced players don’t hesitate to reply here or hit up our leader on Line (id: druss55). Ability to survive our current titans and field a few war teams is required, so we’re looking for 3400 tp+ or slightly lower if you are committed to growing with us.

Hey me and 3 buddies are looking for a home

TP: 4243, 4034, 3717, 2727

The first 3 of us are around 2600-2200 trophies. Our last friend joined a few months ago so he’s at 1000.

We’re active in war and on the titan. Would you take us in?

Also the 2727 tp member opts out of war currently so he would have no issue

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Hi guys, thanks for your interest. Recruitment went lightning fast and we are now full again.

/ d99

If you are continuously upgrading heroes and opt out like you say, come check out BLUNT FORCE SPECIALISTS

We are ideally looking for the heavy hitters, but will take all of you as a package deal :slight_smile:

I have a string I just created: NEW ALLIANCE looking for 4k+ TP. Check it out and check us out.

@RakeJay have you guys found a new home? We have 8 open slots now. :slight_smile:

Here’s my post about the group

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