Friendly group looking for home

Hey folks. I’ve been running an alliance and I just can’t deal with the recruitment anymore. Can’t deal with the people that log on and don’t hit the titan unless we beg and plead. Can’t deal with not being able to replace them anyway because of the recruiting! So here I am. Im taking my most dependable 6-8 members and looking for a solid group that can take us all in. No real requirements other than members that honestly don’t need babysitting and just show up every day. We hit 9-11* titans now and would want at least around that minimum. Our group is 4200-4700 tp for war lineup. Lvl 40-80. Some with deeper rosters than others. The lower end guy is 4200 but is the biggest spender, so thats only temporary. All I can promise is very active, dependable, NO DRAMA members if you promise the same. We are hoping not to be nomads and just make this a one time move. If this fits the bill and anyone out there is trying to grow…let me know! thanks.


U have line? Cuz i think i can accommodate all of u hon.


hi, yes. Look me up by my ID. 5810468. I give people my screen name and they say it doesn’t exist.

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Awesome chat to u soon :kiss:

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HamNation can take you all in… Also 9-11* titans, war is optional. I have Line (bub102x) and we can talk there. We currently have 13 members. We also have an optional discord.

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We would love to have you come join us in the Shops, three Shops one family. Places to suit all playstyles and as good a bunch of folks to kick it with as you will find. Our CEO has been in the game longer than she likes to admit and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from to help navigate the endless changing world of E&P.


Hi. Check out Gem Hustlers. Our alliance meets your criteria, I think. We also have a sister alliance, Haze Hustlers, a sort of a resting place for tougher real-life periods. Check us out!

I’m sure you will have lots of offers, so here is our elevator pitch :smiley:

The Gate to Valhalla is a casual-competitive alliance currently at 15 members. We don’t have many rules, just hit titans and use all flags in war. No roster, troop or level requirements but we are competitive in killing titans and winning every war we can with no flags left behind. We are currently cruising at 9* titans to complete the PoV but with more members we can hit 10* and even 11* ones regularly. In the last Alliance Quest, we placed 7862nd despite our relatively small size and no obligation/pressure on any member to take part or use items to get a high score.

We have a mixed group of players spread across the world from levels 45 to 102. In the recent war, our teams ranged from 4000 TP to 5000 TP and we get matched against similar alliances, so your group will fit in easily. We are FFA with no fixed tanks in war. We trust our members will know who to hit and when to use their flags.

One added benefit is as the name suggests, we are the Gate to our sister Alliance Ravens of Valhalla which is more competitive and hitting 14* titans. It’s currently full, but Gate members get first priority when there are openings, so if anyone feels like they want to experience a higher intensity playing style, there is that option.

Feel free to drop in any time for a trial membership. No charges to your credit card :stuck_out_tongue:
If you want more info or a chat, my Line ID is liamk_eandp


I’m a member of the shops! You really should check us out. We can be fun, friendly chatty…serious killer gamers and slightly crazy.

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Firstly, you’re going to be inundated with offers. Daily active players are like gold.

If you’re still looking, you’d all fit right in at Kiwi Academy. A range of player levels from ex-top 100 alliance players to those who have started just months ago. Titans capped @ 11* - @Cyber is the leader.

We did have a couple of players join who complained about unused war flags, yet they left war flags unplayed in the last war. Kick :exploding_head:.

Good Luck in your E&P journey.

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Hello!!! The Crew family has many alliances for every play style. All of you are fitting to one of them. For further information or contact feel free to tag me here or in line. My line id is kloster31 and would be glad hearing from you!

Come check out Alternate Reality.

Very much casual group, hitting 10-11* titans. Not much babysitting with titans or war flags, as the active members contribute very often.

Very much active in the chat, and very much encouraging group. No drama whatsoever, except with the occasional “crappy boards” talk.

We also use Line that’s something your group also does. Best of luck on your search! But hope to see you in Alternate Reality

Bonjour fockifie! Sa te dirais de faire un coup d’œil chez nous !? Nous sommes a la recherche de 8jours actif . Actuellement on n’est 22 membres . Nom de l’alliance New Phœnix… merci d’avance !

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Thanks everyone. Its nice to know there are options out there. We picked a nice looking group and made our move.


Hi fockified. . . Seems i might be late, but it’s worth a shot. Hope ur still out there and looking. Crew-Direwolves is forged with discipline and teamwork. We dont tolerate unused flags, both titans and war. We respect real life and can give a player a break as long as war is opted out and the courtesy of letting everybody know. We value everyone’s time, effort and money. Everybody got to pull their own weight.
I hope u can check us out. We are a good bunch, we want to find the right people to blend and work at the alliance. My Line is ZECYLL53
I’m just around. Thank you.

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Hi Fockified;
We are 8 crazy cats, we have been together for a long time, we have traveled different parts of the world together, and we decided to create our own house, we are organized, friendly and sociable. Zero drama and we are here to support each other and continue to grow together.
We are good players, we have war strategies, we use all our flags, red tank and hit the titan daily.
We are from various parts of the globe, although the majority of UK, English speaking, we use line and discord.
It would be interesting if you could join us: @ Impossible Krazy Kats
or you can send me a message by line id: eroth

Wäre schön gut zu wissen ob nun 6 oder 8 Leute. Denke ihr würdet gut zu uns passen.
Lg EvilPegasus aus Anonymus Germany

@EvilPegasus27189 official language is English :wink:

Ok danke kenne mich hier jichtvwirklich gut aus aber viel erfolg bei der suche :slightly_smiling_face:

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