Set sail on the Twisted Gull!

Twisted Gull is once again recruiting!
Leader: Captain “SeaMaverick”
Recruiter: First Mate “Ena”

About Us:
We are currently docked after losing 4 of our old timers to the harsh seas and currently looking for some new deckhands! We are;

  • Casual, with some Semi Competitive nature players
  • Friendly (New & Experienced players)
  • Supportive (Game & Life chat + have a Discord available to join)
  • Always improving our Heroes & Teams within our capability
  • English speaking Members from all over the world (mainly US, UK & AU)

As we are more casual (real life comes before a game!), we only require the following which is easily achieved by logging in at least once a day;

  • 600 Trophies
  • Daily Titan Hits (3 per titan good, 5 even better) [Titans lvl 8-9, occasionally 10, we use our flasks on Rares if we have them]

Alliance Wars As AW is the more competitive end of our ship and completely optional, we ask the following of our members;

  • Have 6 teams (30 heroes available)
  • Use all flags
  • Use the designated Colour Mid/Tank for your defense team
  • Store spending is entirely your choice! Some of us are F2P, others spend a little

Walk the plank:
Members are removed for the following reasons to keep the Alliance friendly & active;

  • Toxic behaviour (just plainly and simply not acceptable - respect others even in debate)
  • If you miss 3 titans in a row
  • If you’re listed in Alliance Wars and don’t use your flags 3 times
  • If you’re away too long without notice (if you have issues IRL, just need to tell us you need X amount of time to sort RL)

Otherwise we’re a friendly bunch of rum drinkers, so if you feel we’d be a good fit for you & you suit all of the above, jump on board! The Captain, First Mate & Crew are happy to welcome new members on board to share in our Roast Titans (Dragons are our favourite!).

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