The Fighter problem

So, this is probably a good problem to have, but I have too many 5* fighters and trouble know who gets emblems, and how many. The contenders are:

  • Kingston
  • Bertilla
  • Lady Loki
  • Tyr
  • Delilah
  • Magni

I have just at 1800 fighter emblems between them all at the moment, so how should I distribute them?

As an added bonus either Kingston or Bertilla needs to be on my defense to keep it rainbow (Onyx-Vela-BK-green-Joon currently)

So, do I spread the love? Do I load up one? Split between two?

Highly or fully emblem a hero you planned to be in defense. Otherwise, distribute the emblems to more heroes. My 2 cents though


Lady Loki is very niche and not good on defense since she’s more of a manual control hero that requires timing. Not a good candidate

Bertilla is too slow and same as LL.

I think you should split your emblems between Kingston and Tyr/Magni/Delilah.

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I have had trouble fitting her in my 4:1 teams consistently over Anzogh as the hit all… she does a lot better against Bera/Vela or heavy dots/debuf teams, but in more general cases I like the heal over the cleanse. I could bring both, but then either Boldtusk or Tyr has to sit out (costume Marj stays), and then it starts to feel a little slower than I would like waiting on two average hit all heroes to get me back into the match. I consider LL “situationally” better and bring her when needed, so minimal to no emblems may be best for now with her.

Currently this is where they all sit, each one has +7 and I am sitting on about 200 unused considering if one should go up farther than the rest (Probably Kingston?). Tyr is fun, and I like his self heal/revive along with the talent. I have not had a case where he took down 3+ heroes alone like some claim, but seeing him pop back up and take on 1 or 2 is perfectly fine for me. Magni just feels a little meh… he’s just a hitter in my stack to hit things. He does it OK but nothing special. The revive doesnt happen much and it doesn’t save me like with Tyr. Should he keep them anyway??? Delilah feels somewhere between Tyr and Magni. She’s not as “omg awesome! a revive now I win!” as Tyr, but a lot less disappointing compared to Magni from my time with her. Maybe if she was higher and the talent procced more I may see it with her. I could take it or leave it I guess, but I see where I was going with giving her emblems to start.

This is disappointing to hear… She does so well on my 4:1 green team as the closer I’d hoped that she would make it as a defense contender. Maybe she will eventually get to +7 later, but disappointing as she seemed the most fun heavy hitter if she could ever work on defense too…

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