Need fighter emblems advice

Whom does deserve fighter emblems best? Tyr,Kingston or Magni©

My roster is

The answer to this question is for me Kingston. I am developing it right now.

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Whoever you use most or is part of your war defense.

I have got:

Kingston +19
Tyr +7
Magni 3.50 still leveling…but don’t really need him. I don’t have his costume…then he gets more valuable.

I also know players who have a Tyr with 18~20 emblems.

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Looking at your roster as you already have Lianna +20 in green, I would go with Tyr. But it all depends a lot on play style and who you feel you’ll use more.

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So there’s no wrong answer. Based on your team I’d go Magni.

1 He’s the only hero who may see time in your defense team among the three.
2 Blue is your weakest color that I’d want to bolster that team
3 his costume makes him that much better and I’d use his costume for the defense down.

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Thanks for all the replies. I am tempted to go for Mani because my blue team really needs it, especially i have its costume

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