Fix my defense poll. Am I green or what?

I’m currently running quite nice def with one slight problem. I’ve been forced to share fighter emblems between Kingston and Tyr.

If I kick Kingston out, I have tonics to max one green 5* currently 3/70 and I have Kadilen+16 ready.

Who should take my green spot? I would be able to give all of them emblems +16 or more when maxed.

  • Kadilen
  • Telluria
  • Margaret
  • Tarlak

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There’s no option to leave Kingston in there.

I wouldn’t change it for any of the displayed options.

I didn’t even though it would be an option. Have I been too fixated to emblems?

I gave Tyr his tenth set today and he is still greedy for more.

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Shortage of emblems is only temporary.

I think that kingston with +5 is better than any of the other options in there… except maybe Telly at tank but you would have to rework the entire defence.


Not really keen of doing that, I’m pretty happy about my Ursi-Ona pairing. That’s why I didn’t rush to do drastic changes before. I’m also lacking Vela, and even if I do have maxed JF, it makes whole defense central unstable.

I like Kingston, and that def keeps me easily 2500-2600 cups.

But that raises other dilemma. If not leveling Telluria now (yes she is still good, blaablablaa etc etc, but I have her maxed two other accounts and would really like some diversity) would you choose Margaret over Tarlak to go with green dream mono team (currently Kingston, Kadilen, Morgan, Hansel+19, Caed/Mel)? Looking that written down I would say Tarlak but you have always had good ideas.

Personally? Probably not. Tarlak has uses on titans etc; particularly if you don’t have miki & get frustrated by Wu Kong/ Ranvir.

I have Miki+7, Ranvir 3/70 and Wu. We hit 11-12* titans and green is my “worst” titan team (and darn, last 4 titans have been blue).

Ok so probably no need for Tarlak then. I would go with Margaret. She will boost that green titan team quite considerably due to the very high attack stat & her dodge will come in handy keeping allies alive.

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Kingston is king. It’s in the name :laughing: . Tyr does fine with 1 emblem, as he already has a revive and HoT. Tyr isn’t hard hitting like Kingston, and doesn’t provide AoE utility like Kingston.

I have Tyr maxed too, but my current defense is which keeps me around 2600 cups.

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True 100% :laughing: