Fighter Emblems? Tyr, Fenrir, Kingston?

Was lucky enough to pull Tyr and Fenrir from S3. Currently have Kingston using fighter emblems. Keep it that way or do the new hero’s deserve them?

IMO, fighter heroes are worth +1 at least.
Play a while Tyr and Fenrir when maxed, and decide later who deserved more emblems. But all of them is worth +1 (chance revive) for our deep war bench and raid.
Congrate with your lucky pull :tada: :+1:


What are your other heroes?
Kingston is still a top tier hero but you culd give your emblems to one or another based on your other heroes if you want to put them in your war defense.

Really hard to decide. Got also Panther and Poseidon in the team. Cannot decide which one to emblem.

Maybe hold of for a while once you level the others see who you like and use more in raid war defence etc.

Kingston is the best among the three. Only thing that will make me pull the emblems off Kingston is I have a good green replacement for him on war team and have very bad Red that Tyr can take over. Fenrir looks mediocre.

Fenrir is crazy good. Look at his stats again


also would put on Kingston …
so you will have one of the best Heros maxed out with emblemes soon.

Got it. I also pulled Sif/heimdall and have zeline maxed. Was think of running


Or Tyr-Sif-Ursena-Zeline-Vela.

Not sure if new hero’s will be good for defense

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