The continuing saga: Defensive team help, oh wise ones!

I’m almost level 40 and getting itchy to move stuff around.
Out of these would you be so kind as to pick my best 5 for DEFENSE as is…
AND then pick my best 5 for DEFENSE I should be working on leveling.


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Everyone else is probably going to think I’m crazy, but I’d try Mother North, Kiril, Buddy, Sartana, Joon as a current defense.

Long term it’d be useful to have Azlar as an option, and to max Mother North and Joon. I don’t find Onatel particularly troublesome on Defense, so solely thinking about Defense, I’d max Joon first.



I’m not that wise but u have lots of options .


If you intend to level them fully.

@zephyr1 yeah you’re cray-cray :wink: lol jk. It’s actually a good idea, I was going to suggest using both MN and Joon even though they’re not maxed. Blindness is a great effect, and MN’s revive and healing will be just as useful at 3/70.

This is what I personally lean on, although I’d be tempted to shift your Monk emblems to Wilbur if you have a reset emblem for this team. Which is a commitment.

Mother North | Kiril | Wilbur | Sartana | Joon

In my experience, Boril and Wilbur don’t work well together. Riposte gets reduced counter-attack damage with Wilbur’s spirit link and defense buff.

Long term, I agree with zephyr, work on Onatel after Joon.



MN need another healer but he shouldn’t be in second corer. Joon and Sartana for dmg and Joon’s blind. Azlar always was funny for me, everybody telling he is awesome and dangerous in defence.
Azlar in def team is bad for me (you can hate me so I gonna said more, I don’t like Magni and Lianna :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Fo rthe current def you listed, who’s the my “tank” here?

My current def team

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Buddy, I meant them in that order left to right.


Wow, really? I’m trying so hard to get past his scrawny image, but started training him again for better blue titan scores.


I personally would use Mother North, Kiril, Onatel, Sartana, Wilbur

Swap Joon and Kiril and I agree.

Ressurect, heal/buff, hit/debuff…

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He looks scrawny, but at max he has 690 Defense and 1323 HP, his minions are decently meaty and cover the flanks too, and he debuffs defense and attack.

That’s a lot of might in a small package, and he’s sturdy enough to be likely to fire as tank.

Paired with Kiril in flank, that’ll make for a troublesome start to taking down the center 3 on a typical board, and sets up potential kill shots from Sartana and Joon, with the mix of Kiril’s buff and Buddy’s defense debuff.



Quick follow up question…
Looking at my heroes, do you think I need a 2nd Rigard???

Might be handy during war hits!


I would suggest this:

Sonya - Sartana - MN - Joon - Colen/Azlar

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I reckon Grimm Sartana BT MN Joon

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So it’s been a little over a month and wanted to update mt defensive team’s growth aaaaaand ask you all where Spazlar goes once he’s not a kitten… THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!


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Hmm, good question. :thinking:

Honestly, he could go anywhere but left wing as a reasonable option.

I think I’d just try a few versions, and see how they worked out for trophy balance.

My first instinct on options to try are:

  • Mother North, Joon, Buddy, Sartana, Azlar

  • Mother North, Joon, Buddy, Azlar, Sartana