🧪 The Beta Beat (V61) – Clash of Knight heroes, Goblin heroes, Astral heroes, Pirates of Corelia costumes and hero -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

:musical_note: Oops!…I Did It Again :musical_note:

With the number and frequency of silly little things like this I cannot help but wonder if the SGG team is both under-resourced (time and/or manpower) and being pushed too hard by Zynga leading to a sacrifice of quality for speed.

The old “We want more, faster for less!” - which doesn’t work well for long periods and leads to stress, falling morale, actually decreases longer term productivity and ends with burn-out.

@PlayForFun - Don’t let this happen to you with the huge workload you have - we (the forum) really need you here!


lol in over their heads

Also hope when you have leveled up a new hero and have the notification exclamation point that after opening the museum you can just click on the exclamation point and it takes you to the hero, or the first in the list if there are multiples, instead of scrolling endlessly to find it.


As the old adage goes:

”Faster, better, cheaper: pick two.”

Push too hard, and it increasingly becomes… “pick one.”

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Still no news on November HOTM? They should come with this version.

No, but it should arrive in Version 61.

I think it is safe to say:
The next Beta will only arrive tomorrow.


did any of you getting this download, huge one, i was disconnected in middle of the fight and getting this 3min downloadProcessing: 1000020341.jpg…

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The second Beta for V61 is here.

  • 2 new Astral heroes (for Black Friday)
  • 4 new Goblin heroes
  • 1 new Pirate hero + 3 new costumes
  • New Mechanic:
    • Minion removal/destruction now removes health from the Mega Minion equivalent to 50% of it’s max health

I will start to work on Beta beat topics soon.


Astral Elves heroes’ topic is here:


I wonder how will for example cGormek effect work, when you gain health (or mana for other heroes) for each destroyed minion. Will it count this 50% damage as destruction or the mega minion has to be fully killed to count?
And what with CoD? wil he repeatedly hit the mega minion owner until mega minion is killed? He should not, but it may be based on fact, that after his hit enemy has no minions. It would make him very much wanted for goblin village.

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Why do you feel it was ‘accidentally’ shared?

Oooh, @PlayForFun please tell me more :slight_smile:

Costumes going to Lady Locke, Kestrel & Sargasso?

Lady Locke, Sargasso + the epic Peters

I am working on the topics.


It is not mentioned in the release notes like how the Deadly difficulty for Untold Tales was not listed in the last Beta build.


Topic about the new pirates hero is here:

Topic about the new costumes is also here:


Yeah!!! Clash of Knights is back.

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Does anybody test cap.diamond vs. mega minion in the new mechanic?

I didn’t test specifically but he’d be subject to the same limitations as ever other anti-minion hero and not destroy the mega minion.


I think the question is if taking half of the MMs life counts as destroying? Does he then hit another target after taking half of its life? If only the hero with MM is left does he hit him twice? Three times (first takes half, “destroys” is filled, randomly hits the only target available again, takes half, “destroys” is fulfilled, randomly hits only target available again)?

I suppose it says “new target” so it can’t attack the same target twice? Idk. It’s confusing. They really need to be called something else