🧪 The Beta Beat (V34 & V35) – Mythic Titans, Upcoming HotMs, Friendly Matches, Season 4 Heroes (R1), New Challenge Event, More Costumes & Valhalla Forever-- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

It’s mentioned in the comment you’re replying to

I forget about that, so we will have 6 challenge ?

yes :slight_smile:

Yay! Something to look forward to.

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It is a good thing to have 6 challenge events, this means a particular challenge event won’t be tied to HotM of particular color like how Guardian of Teltoc were tied to blue/ice HotM for the past year, etc…


Beta Update

Beta is open for reals this time. As indicated yesterday it features a new challenge event called “the League of Villains”

Prelim information – It IS structured a normal challenge event (Rare, Epic & Legendary tiers) with it’s own rewards and everything.

It only has 10 stages tho, not 15 like the other challenge events.

#beta-beat Threads;

Will edit and add the Event Info later.

Edit to add:

Beta thread for League of Villians Challenge Event now up:


Beta Update

Merry Christmas and happy new year all :slight_smile:


thanks for all your hard work, Guvnor! Happy holidays!!


How is it that season 4 is a higher priority than coming up with a solution for 5* dupes???


10 stages! I hope they keep this.

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It’s simple. Season 4 has a potential to earn much more money for SGG than solving problem with 5* dupes (which probably gives them no money - at least directly).


Sad but true (stupid 20 character requirement)

@Guvnor I heard somewhere that a mythic titan is approaching. Can you confirm? :wink:

As per earlier SG announcement it will start within 22 hours…

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No news about beta re-opening? It’s been a loooooooong closing!

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Christmas & New Year time, so it seems to be normal. I’ve expected beta to be opened no earlier than this week.

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Beta Update

More info see the relevant threads (in OP).


Beta Update

Beta V35.4 has closed

Yes it was very short but it was due to the immediate and mass feedback from the community regarding the new costumes.

Staff posted this message to explain:

Staff have indicated that the next beta build is planned for Monday :slight_smile:


If I don’t actually post the words, it doesn’t actually count as a jinx, right? RIGHT?!?!


The only adjustment the new costumes need is adjusting their location into the digital wastebasket. It will be interesting to hear the devs’ “thoughts” about how they are supposed to be player-friendly when it’s obvious they are just a mechanism to keep the spenders summoning.


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