🧪 The Beta Beat (v32) – Ninja Tower Event; Ninja Tower Heroes & Troops, Updated Halloween Event & New Halloween Heroes -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Thanks for the updates @Guvnor, hope these changes will see their respective threads soon!

Glad the ninja troops got changed to something new. Not a big fan of the bypass mechanic, would like to think they coulda chosen something a little … better?. Buuuut I’ll take it. Yay for new things.


It would be better if instead of Bypass there would be a chance to remove status ailments from my heroes or buffs from enemies or both :slight_smile:
This would make these new troops worth pulling for :slight_smile:


I expect they will in due course.


I’m a little confused by the follow-up posts. Is this supposed to be the final round of costumes to include all the remaining heroes, or is there a list for the next group? I see people talking about Scarlet, Kelile, and Wu Kong. Is this all wishful thinking?

I think everybody is just guessing, and as per my knowledge there is no exact information about how many and which costumes will be tested / released.

Initially 20 costumes were released.
In Round 2 SG releeased 21 new costumes.

There are 25 more season 1 heroes, which does not have costumes:

5 star heroes:
Red: Marjana, Khagan
Blue: Thorne
Yellow: Justice, Leonidas
Dark: Obakan

4 star heroes:
Red: Colen, Kelile, Gormek, Scarlet
Blue: Grimm
Yellow: Wu-kong, Chao, Hu Tao
Dark: Cyprian, Sabina

3 star heroes:
Red: Jahangir, Nashgar
Blue: Greymane, Ulmer, Valen
Yellow: Dawa, Gan ju, Kalani
Dark: Oberon

Similar number of costumes are released in the first two batches so we will see that we will get new costumes for all of them or not.


Did anybody notice that the ninja troops are turtles?

Donatello uses a bo and wears purple
Rafael uses a sai and wears red
Leonardo uses a sword and wears blue
Michelangelo uses nunchucks and wears orange (decently close to yellow)
…So I guess Splinter uses a kusarigama?


Ha! And the new “charge mana” requires pizza.


I’ve been thinking about this. While I agree a new mana troop with a minor stat redistribution isn’t very useful, I’m not convinced that these are. Crit troops will always provide crit chance and a decent survivability bump and mana troops allow you to fire faster. But bypass? It may be useful on some fights, but completely useless on others. And is having that low of a chance really worth spending the food/troops to level? After spending all the food and troops to max one (or at least level 29) you have roughly a 1 in 7 (edit: for single target) chance to not have Ursena reflect or have your hero destroyed by riposte. Yay.

The best use I can think of right now (I’m interested in other ideas though) is for an aoe attacker with the enemy all having some defense buff up - say Isarnia with J.F. buff up. At level 29+ you would have about a 44% chance that the troop does nothing for you, a 39% chance to bypass on one hero, a 14% chance on two, a 2% chance on 3, and much lower for 4 or all 5. But your troop choice means that you slower than you would be with a mana troop and squishier than with a crit troop. And this whole scenario requires you expecting that JF’s buff would be up when Isarnia is ready to fire, and not being able to kill or control J.F., or create a window to fire it in. IMO the tradeoff of troops that provide relaible benefits for ones that are extremely unreliable and require very contrived situations or extreme luck to even be worth it - just feels like a step back. I think the $$$$ people that have a full set of mana and crit troops and would find these worth leveling (instead of another mana or crit troop - not in the absence of one) to be a very small group.

I’m glad they are trying something different, but to me personally, these just dilute the pool further from what I would find useful. If I did get one, I think the game will be shut down before I ever decide to raise it above level 1.

Edit 1: Thank you @MuaddibMcfly for pointing out Finley. Ranger talent on Finley is indeed valuable, and these troops would help that and may indeed be the troop of choice for Finley even in their current form. Works well on offense and defense. This also leads up to a good point that these troops would provide a higher benefit to heroes that already have bypass (through ranger talent or naturally like Tyr), and Finley being a strong multi-hit ranger probably maximizes this benefit.

I’m not sure about other rangers/heroes though. Tyr? Doesn’t hit very hard so not much benefit to the bypass. Finley alone makes for a very small $$$ group to obtain and level a troop for.

It is worth considering though - and I welcome further discussion and examples. :slight_smile:

My chief problem with these troops is not that bypass isn’t always useful, but that the % seems far to low to be worth using them in place of other troops. Even with Seshat with 25% from talent - yes I will sometimes gamble to clear a riposte. But this is more of a last resort when initial plans fail. But I’m not seeing adding +15% bypass being better than current troops. If, in general, they are only useful in certain fights I think they should have a clear advantage over current troops for those fights. Otherwise, why bother bringing them let alone leveling them.

Edit 2: should have udpated this earlier when the troops received an additional 2%ATK/DEF. It seems clear now that these are meant to be more strictly offensive in comparison to crit troops that are more defensive/balanced, and mana troops to boost speed. The bypass being low is meant to be a bonus to the high attack stat, not the main draw. As such, if your hero doesn’t make the best use of either a crit or mana troop and is a very offensive hero these troops shine. I think the best example is Finley, but without 29+ mana troops any sniper would probably prefer the higher attack power. I could see as long term goals mana troops may still be prefered on defense (at 29+), but ninja troops would be better on offense as dropping from 8 to 7 tiles on offense usually doesn’t matter for a match-3 game. Keep in mind that leveling one is done at the expense of the other, but this wouldn’t matter for those already with complete troop sets.


I don’t know about that… Consider Finley+15. Instead of a 1:4 chance of bypassing, he’d have a 2:5

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Beta Update – 25 Sept, 2020



As you write that you prefer testing the events.
How difficult the levels are after the addition of the Deadly Chamber Effects ?

Off-topic for this thread (will move Inna sec)

Still not much difficult tbh.

The damage is a factor but it’s relatively small. Take 2 healers and it’s no worries.

The items is a non-factor for me as I haven’t been using items personally. Will likely play a part for those who want to “compete” which I like as you can no longer nuke your way thru.

The status effect duration reduction is probably the most annoying one as it wrecks your synergies… Think playing magic night battles but you got annoying curses on the board and the bosses have more HP and defence stat so hang around for longer. Battles take between 7-10 minutes each towards the back end… So takes time and patience.

The curse duration reduction is also annoying. At 2 turns duration you have to prioritise them and basically have 1 turn to either setup their destruction or to do it outright… 3 turns was easier to deal with them (which is pretty well the main feedback across the board).

Overall I like the event:

  • No reruns of stages to improve scores
  • Cannot “buy” more energy to “board farm”
  • Deadly chamber effects.

However… As I said above the fights drag out and essentially becomes a tile based fight.
Currently you have 10x tower energy to use per day over a 5 day event… Which can take up a lot of time (50-70 minutes in the end)…

That’s an awfull lot of board matching to beat 10 stages each day… In addition to all the other stuff in game (raids, tournament, PoV, Farming, Titans etc…)

My suggestion that I’d like most is to decrease the stages per day… Can be done either by:

  1. decreasing the net stages of the event (25 stages with 5 flags per day); or
  2. increase the duration of the event (10 days with 5 flags per day)

Since I’m not in beta, I can’t say for sure that it is a typo, but @Guvnor, can you check it out if it was supposed to be Wakizashi instead of Wazikashi? Because the weapon is called like that. :wink:


This is referring to Omi Course ?
So you will not have 3 turns to destroy them just only 2 from level 11 and 1 turn from level 26.

No, it’s 2 turns across the board. Start to finish.

Possibly. I’m not familiar with any of it :stuck_out_tongue: I just call em the ninja troops :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have a look later.

Beta Update.

V32 Build 3 of beta testing now closed.

No notice yet when we’ll next see the Ninja Tower, the heroes or the troops in Beta… Or even if we will see them again before release.

Next up for testing (per the previously posted roadmap) should be “new war rules” whatever that may be :slight_smile:


Thanks for keeping us up to date. Do you think we’ll see costumes this year?

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Earlier @Guvnor provided us that info that costumes might be tested in October.
If it will be the case, then I think we will have them in the game this year.


Beta Update

New War Rules - 🧪 Early Information on New War Rules [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

New Morlovia Heroes - 🧪 Early Information on New Morlovia Heroes (Halloween) & Family Bonus [Part of The Beta Beat V32]


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