🧪 The Beta Beat (v32) – Ninja Tower Event; Ninja Tower Heroes & Troops, Updated Halloween Event & New Halloween Heroes -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

As it can be read in the Ninja Tower + Mythic Titans event related sneak peek topic the Ninja Tower will be a monthly event.
My guess is that it will start right after Atlantis and end before the monthly Challange event.

It was not mentioned that is the Mythic Titans is a monthly event or not.

New war rules would be great. Hell, I’d be down for a normal “no rule” war here and there.

Maybe it will tie in with formations.

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thank you! Was hoping for such information

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Can’t wait to see Wu Kong’s costume. Maybe the new costume will disable the miss chance. :smiley:


I would love to see that too :slight_smile:

I have really enjoyed the whole costume thing, even the not-so-useful ones. I am super looking forward to this batch.


Beta Update!! 22nd September, 2020

Beta has reopened with the following changes in V32 Build 3


Just to be entirely sure…
No balance changes to the new Halloween heroes?

I expect Scarlet’s costume to imitate a pirate. Speaking of costumes that look good on the eyepatch? It could be an assassin or a pirate.

:thinking: :thinking:

Suddenly it sounds bad…


What is bypass?

Don’t tell me it’s like built in evasion or chance to resist to status ailments because last thing I need and going to enjoy is for the gameplay to be even more RNG based and rage-inducing after lost war attacks…

EDIT: oh, actually forgot bypass is the ‘ignore defense buffs’ in this game terminology - so like built in Rangers talent, is that what the troop does?


Like Ranger talent…

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So ignoring status buffs and Reflect? I imagine on some heroes it may be powerful in some situations (those with AoE against counter, yellows against Ursena) but otherwise hard pass. Taking into account healing is kind of situational already, that’s two from 4 stats that are not that awesome.

I dont want to say that i like the bypass thing. However , in my opinion, Ninja troops being so similar to mana troops seems to be absolutely redudant.
Its better to have diversity, though id rather another ability like enchance the hp, a chance of healing(like clerics troops)but not the bypass thing. Lets see if the troops remain this way


No, they have not returned to beta.

Suddenly it sounds different. Unique. Useful :stuck_out_tongue:
A reskin of a mana troop is not useful. Particularly to those who’ve already spent $$$$ and maxed several mana troops only to have all that money made obselete by having a newer better stat distributed mana troop. No, having the new troops being something legitimately different is much better imho.

Sorry, correct word should be “pierce”. But yes, basically the ranger talent. Or like Tyr or Cobalt :slight_smile:


@yelnats_24 or @Guvnor or anyone…
Are bypass like pierce or skill including for reflect? like Mitsuko VS (Finley, Alasie & Athena) ?

I’m not sure because I do not have enough experience for Ursena, hard to find Neith & Bai Yeong.

EDIT: ok it does…

Well,… now Joon, Drake, etc… are not guaranteed reflected by Ursena anymore :sweat_smile:
Crazy, crazy… :man_facepalming: :hot_face:

So, it also means, that the troop has chance to bypass reflect tiles from Event Challange?

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Personally, I like the redundancy of ninja troops because you had 2/3rds chance at getting a the desirable mana troop vs diluting the pool.


Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the change because that means I don’t have to chase it :rofl:. As F2P, it is already hard enough raising my mana troop to level 27…

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Defense Bypass only works on buffs.

Elemental barrier ( Challenge event and rare titan ), family bonus, costume bonus, troop bonus, class bonuses are all permanent and thus not effected.


@Chadmo Here the new information chad.

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