Advice needed cause I'm kinda frustrated at the moment

I put this up a few days ago and it expands on the points @Obsidian just mentioned. Please give it a read. It will really change ur mind on exactly how “great” having a roster of a ton of legendary heros really is. Please understand I’m not saying this to rub salt in anyone’s wounds but I have 21 legendary heros. I don’t dare do a pull ever again. And also try again and guess how many I have maxed??? And by the way they all came when I first started playing this game 8 months ago. I’ll save u the trouble too of guessing. 3. 3 out of 21. All my others can’t even compete against my maxed 4*s. And on top of that currently there r like 7 now sitting doing squat because I won’t have the materials to ascend them to 4 for maybe another decade. Anyway please take a look

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