Teltoc or Avalon gem roles


So I’ve only been playing for few months, and i was hoping to get some feedback from those of you who have been playing for awhile as to if I should use my summons x 10 during the Teltoc event, or wait for the Avalon event? I’m just starting to get my 4*'s maxxed, but I don’t have many yet. Still pushing for Stronghold 20, then Training camps to 20. Only one 5* so far.



Definitely Guardians of Teltoc (the event starting today). Jackal, Falcon and Panther will increase your titan scores by a lot and are crucial for high titan damage!

Higher titan damage = more ascension items = quicker progress = higher titan damage = and so on… :slight_smile:


Teltoc has some very good heroes - Panther, Guardian Falcon and Guardian Jackal…
Of course, Knights of the Round (Avalon) also has some very good ones… so you need to decide what you need. Just be aware that the chances of summoning one of the 5* heroes in either event is small. The chances for getting 4* is somewhat better.


Both are good but you won’t cry if you get any of the Avalon heroes. For Guardians, you will laugh or cry. If you get the Owl or the Kong, be sure to cry even if they are 5*. :joy:


I got 2 jackals from this event. I paired them with drake. They are devastating. U could obliterate 3 heroes in one sequence of their specials.


Thanks all for the feedback. I decided to use my role during Teltoc. Mostly cuz i have very few fast (and no really fast) heroes. The pay off was worth it, with a G. Jackal, Boldtusk, Wu Kong and Scarlett (and 6 various 3 stars I can use as feeders).

Thanks again for the friendly feedback


That’s an awesome pull!


Agree with everyone. Guardians is #1 in my book for event heroes. Then Knights, Then Fables. Never pirates. :slight_smile:


Kong is passable. Owl is abysmal.


Funny thing is, the only other 10 roll I’ve done was on Pirates, and got Wilbur, Proteus and Gaderius with a Rigard thrown in there as well. I’m counting myself as very fortunate so far with my 10 roll summons.


Those are all s2 heroes. Are you sure you did a 10 pull on pirates?

I did a 300 gem pull on pirates (earned gems) and got boomer back when i first played… feb/march or something like that. talk about a niche hero. :slight_smile:


That’s the big reason I’ve hesitated doing any pulls. I’m such a pessimist, lol.

Also the way I see it, I’m already getting A ranks consistently in my alliance and sort of don’t just want to up and leave to join a higher ranked alliance (in order to maximize gains from my guardians) since it’s a good group of people, but if I don’t leave, the guardians wont really benefit me much in the next few months. I’d probably benefit more from Guinevere or Merlin or getting some stable Atlantis heroes… choices, choices.

Then there’s the fact I already got HOTM. If I get her again, I’ll feel like there’s no way I’ll get the much more valuable HOTM next month. Even though that’s not how rng or probability works, it’s hard to shake some superstitions. Sort of like how DnD players “rolled out the ones” if anyone get the reference. :nerd_face:


Leaving an alliance is based on summoning guardians? Hmmmm. Then pull Avalon.

I cannot choose a challenge event other than Avalon given King Arthur and Guinevere. My raid team will stay 2800 if I can get both. No combonation of Guardians will do that.


Focusing on raid defense over titan score is a bad decision imho. Your trophies don’t mean anything other than making you and your ego feel good.

You have a far bigger advantage by improving your titan scores than by improving your raid defense. Higher titan scores = more ascension items. Better defense = ???
Guinevere is literally only good on defense and even there only as a tank. Panther, Falcon, Jackal and maybe even Kong have more versatility than Guin.

Hence, I see Guardians of Teltoc as the superior event for improving your gameplay, considering you don’t have any of the event heroes.


I am a single player alliance open for beginners only 3* titans are about max. Arthir might improve that.

But thx


Panther, Jackal and Falcon might improve that as well.

You do the math on what’s more realistic to draw… One 5* event hero from Avalon that’ll improve your titan score or one of two 4* and one 5* event hero from Teltoc that’ll all improve your titan score :wink:


Panther only one not on roster.

Since I lose 1-200 cups a night, defense only hole I need to plug.

Others needing a red or yellow hero to complement say Gravemaker or Joon might go Teltoc, but it really is about team composition needs.