Best event to use challenge coins?

What is the best event to use challenge coins? Right now I am leaning between Grimforest and Avalon. I like Avalons 5* better but the mana control of GF is enticing also. Is there another event you feel is better bang for the buck?

Do you have any already?

From a blank slate, Teltoc is probably the most coveted - Panther, Falcon and Jackal have elemental def down which is a rare and powerful ability.


Avalon I have a couple 4* and I think the only 5* for any of them is Snow. Teltoc I don’t have any at all. Here is a link to my heroplan

I agree with @JonahTheBard, Guardian Teltoc is the best, and have 2x 4* important heroes (Falcon and Jackal). And bonus Panther if we are talking about 5*, because 5* event heroes are very very very very little chance.


Depends on what you want. I’m saving coins for Teltoc right now because I want the Elemental Def- but previously I was saving them for Avalon because I didn’t have a true tank and Avalon has three of them IMO (was lucky enough to get Guinevere last time).

Great point and that was one of my considerations.

Avalon - Tanks - I currently rely on Telly which SGG is determined to nerf to oblivion so I need to plan ahead.

Teltoc - the coveted el d down

Grim - With the mana control at all levels is a great ability also

Depends on what you want to achieve most in the game?

Best Def ? = Pirates or Wonderland for Finley or Jabber
Best titan score ? = Teltoc
Best war depth ? = Debatable. Probably Avalon for mana control but I’d still go Pirates…



Just a friendly reminder, if you plan to summon in the monthly challenge events, only stick to a budget. Many a players have already spent money supposed to be allotted on certain bills. Put your expectations low and consider that money already burned. What your cash entail is for you to buy in-game currency in the form of gems just to give you a CHANCE of getting on a lease the desired pixels.

Now since that is out of the way, the best heroes come from the Guardians of Teltoc. You’ll love Guardian Panther, Guardian Gazelle, Guardian Jackal, and Guardian Falcon. You may also love Guardian Kong and Guardian Bat.


Gaurdians is the peoples favourite as they good hero’s that you can’t go wrong with, as any is a good pull unlike some from events.
I have no grime forest hero’s due to not pulling as it before gaurdians kinda pick yah poison there lot of good hero’s there I’d like to have.

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my personal list

guardians >>> avalon/pirates >>> wonderland >>> fables of grimforest

guardians: Jackal and Falcon are incredible heroes and does not have “impossible” pull chances like 5*s to catch. They are game changers and you may end up with Panther or Kong, who are pretty intense for battle as well.

avalon and pirates: with avalon, you may get a mana controller, Merlin. with pirates, you also may get a mana control with Peters. the other 4* are not many memorable and you may be unlucky enough to pull one of them instead the good ones (Sir Lancelot and Boomer). avalon has 2 incredible tanks: memorable Guine and overpowered Black Knight. Lady of the Lake is insanely useful + King Arthur with elemental defense down - so you won’t go wrong if pull any of the 5*s. On pirates, the broken Finley is avaible alongside other very good heroes like Krestel. I think both those portals are equaly awesome - the problem is you may end up with expensive food only while trying.

wonderland: the best for DEF teams IMHO (Jabberwok, White Rabbit, Alice, Schrubear - a great 3* tank) but for general raiding and map there are better options in the mentioned above. Not much to say.

grimforest: Gretel and Hansel are incredible, final. The 5*s are great too but… There are better options above.

¹this list has my personal taste and may be done
based on my current heroes so don’t get offended if we share apart opinions. :slight_smile:


I’m bucking the trend and say Avalon. Every single on of the those of the 4 & 5* heroes are awesome (Lancelot maybe a little less so, but I still use him often in Raid Tourneys) and I find them more versatile than another other event. King Arthur has elemental defense down too.

Teltoc does have more elemental control, but Guardian Owl is too slow to use in most circumstances except very fast tourneys. I find they have less versatility overall than Avalon.

Pirates, Grimforest and Wonderland are a mixed bag.

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