Tell vs Gobbler hero reduction

Hi they down graded Gobbler i havent seen many people who have him but unleashed Tell on everyone. Who has the money to buy him

In what manner was Gobbler downgraded?

Game developers sent out a notice saying they were downgrading him and a couple others and
then BOOM everyone who can afford it has Tell

Confusing much :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Oh? I dunno about that. This is what I know:

I dunno if such changes on Gobbler can be validly considered as buff or nerf since there were stats and skills that were increased as well as decreased.

And I dunno what you mean about this:

What do you mean you can “afford” and “has Tell”?

I have him still on the first tier. Will be ascending him soon but not after getting my second costumed Caedmon, second Brynhild, and second costumed Melendor. Players don’t favor him much because of measly stats and an average mana generating hero.

Technically its a buff even when just looking at the stats:
Attack down 96
Defense up 165
HP down 87 (to make it on part with the other 2 dvide by 2, = -44)
So net stat effect is +25
Then the extra health from minions and direct damage are both clear buffs.

Not that I will be levelling him, but just saying it is a clear buff.

I think you may have the order around the wrong way… Here’s how it went down

  1. Telluria was released/

  2. Telluria became super popular in the higher end of the game (Diamond tier raids).

  3. Telluria was nerfed & other heroes also balanced (including gobbler getting an overall buff).

  4. Telluria is still a very popular hero & has been gradually filtered down thru the other Raid Tiers.

Hence the appearance if you’re in Gold or Platinum Raid Tier that Telluria has only become popular AFTER the rebalancing… when in reality its just that it has taken time for her to filter down from the upper echelons.