Team Comp for Inari

Now I do not have Puss in Boots for one thing other wise I would have paired her with him in a heartbeat. Who would be a good team to have her in with. I will post my roster as of now on my main in a bit.

Okay here is who I have on my main:

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Neith and Justice are cool. Blind and dodge together are awsome to shut the opponent down completely.


You have 3 jackals?! Super, super jelly.

Sorry back on topic. Inari is on my titan team her tile damage us awesome and I pair her with Jackal because he is so squishy and that dodge has saved him on numerous occasions.


What style do you use?

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@Rigs I am typically a defense stripper and mana controller. Inari will be new territory for me as she is a minion hero. And she is the only one I got.

@Sarah2 I was floored when all 3 came out with Panther. I was so happy I screamed and I think several of my neighbors could hear me lol.


I would have probably done the same :wink:.
Congrats :tada::partying_face:

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I would only use Inari for yellow stacks. Great tile damage and that’s more important to me than dodge or minions in her case. Too brittle for def imo unless no other better holy options are available.

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I mean how do you stack?

Rainbow? 3-2? Mono? Etc…

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For color stacking: I agree with those who suggested dodge + blind. I use Inari with Joon and Li Xiu. Joon’s blind + Inari’s dodge together have helped me survive a lot of tough attacks - and they’re especially great against AOE heroes. Li helps buy time, too.

Use with defense boosters or healers for even more fun!

@Rigs I am typically hopping between 3-2 stacks and 2-2-1 stacks. Only time I do rainbow is in the class quests.

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4 Danzburos and 1 Inari, in accordance with tradition.

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I just counted 18 maxed 4s i think…is that right?

If so I’d probly max some more 4s until at 25-30ish then come back to 5s

But to answer your question and in regards to running 3-2(i haven’t ran 2-2-1 in over 2 yrs)

I would probably pair her with chao
Do a 3-2 purple/yellow team

Rigard chao panther inari proteus i think.

Probably sounda too passive but i think it would get by. It’s putting a lot of weight into tile damage but with what you have i think it’s best.

If running trip yellows, I’d probly pair her with chao and jackal

Any other time, i would probably just keep her paired with chao in a 2 stack with 3 of another color that you have a Heal AoE Sniper in

Typically a heal+support or heal+heal then at least 2 aoe and 1 sniper(2 snipers if you don’t have double AoE) is how i like to setup my teams to try and balance out survivability + damage capability

If that doesn’t really help anything, feel free to tag me again

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It took me to long to understand what you were saying, or at least I think I figured it out.

First thing that came to mind was being confronted by someone or getting in a bind and beginning to remove pieces of clothing

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@SupremeAlienRaptor :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: That actually gave me a good laugh.

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