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Hi Again,

Thanks for all the advise. I was following the Anchors Guide to Hero Grading…it doesn’t list Gormek as an A Star player…hence was laying low on him. started to build him up just about now.
Also, its really tough to Level up 3 star when you have 4/5 Star Heroes left :frowning:
Now I have a new Team as follows - Any help is appreciated. I don’t know how you guys pair up Heroes Together - whats the science behind that :-


I have the following and a few insignificant 3 stars :-

A - Ascension
L - Level

Purple - Obakan A3L41, Cheshire Cat , Cyprian , Balthazar
Yellow - Leonidas A3L17 , Wu kong A3L8, Bane(Maxed)
Green - Melendor A3L32, Caedmon A3L34 , Jack O’ Hare, Kashrek, , Little John
Blue - Captain of Diamonds A2L37, Kiril A2L24, Boril A2L15, Valen A3L20
Red - BoldTusk A3L28, Colen A3L11 , Nashgar A3L17 , Gormek , Scarlett, HawkmoonA2L1

Who should be my Top 5 and good to have for Wars 5.

Thanks for the help.

Purple don’t love any of those, maybe the Cat for fun - Balthazar is one of the best threes though
Green Caedmon and Jack O’Hare
Red Boldtusk
Yellow Wu
Blue Kiril

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It would help to know what level your heroes are and what rare ascension materials you have ready. It looks like you are relatively early in the game, since you are missing a lot of four-stars, but that you’ve had some decent luck on summoning. If that is correct - and it may not be - then consider that you should have at least one maxed 3-star rainbow team before working on 4-stars and probably at least 2 4-star rainbow teams before you start working on 5-stars.

Balthazar, Bane, Hawkmoon, Valen, and a good 3-star green (you didn’t list any, but any of the 3 B’s - Belith, Brienne, or Berden) - would be a really good 3-star rainbow team. Of the 4-stars you listed, you are really hurting for damage dealers. You could build a 4-star rainbow team with that, but it wouldn’t really be that great, synergistically speaking. Perhaps I’ll hold off on saying any more until you can give us some more info about where you are in the game and how your heroes are leveled currently.


Based only on the fact that you’re asking this question and the heroes listed, I’m going to assume you don’t have a meaningful number of four star ascension materials. If that is correct, I would suggest ruling out Obakan and Leonidas outright. You’ll get better returns quickly leveling up the impactful four star heroes you have.

I’m additionally going to assume that, though you ask about war, you’re actually interested in all phases of the game. In that case, Wu Kong is a must, as he’s incredible for titans.

Kiril and Boldtusk are premier four star heroes. They will help you in every phase of the game.

That leaves green and purple up for grabs. I’m going to make the case for Caedmon: he’s fast, dispel is a valuable skill (and one that no other hero besides Melendor has on your roster), and given the other choices so far you really need a striker (whereas Melendor…you don’t need another healer with Kiril and Boldtusk already in play).

Purple: I like Cyprian more than most. I find him very helpful on the map, offensive raids, and almost always use him to great effect against an area of effect heavy team each war. I also think he’s a reasonable tank option for a while.


Thanks - eye opener :slight_smile: i was not focussing on Cyprian at all as Anchor Hero Grading states is a C level hero. With A being the best.

Thanks. Edited the list. and yes I am fairly new.

I maxed Cyprian and am regularly using him in Atlantis province 24 on HARD mode. He is a more than viable hero for where you’re at in the game. Also, two other benefits:

  1. There’s no real learning curve for figuring out how to employ his skill. Fire it when it’s ready and watch the AI foolishly impale itself.

  2. Good synergy with Wu Kong. While Wu’s special makes offensive skills miss, it has no negative effect on healers and riposters. That is, the specials of Kiril, Boldtusk, and Cyprian (huh - all heroes I recommended) are still fully functional with Wu’s special up.


Wow. Your leveling is all over the place. Time to settle down and pick one hero in every color to max. Doing same-color training and focusing on one rainbow team at a time is the way to go. Let me preface the advice I am about to give by saying that you can use whoever you want for world levels and such while you follow my leveling advice - if you choose to follow it - because some of your heroes right now are clearly stronger than the ones I’m going to advise you to level. But if you keep leveling like you are going, you are going to eventually have some gaping holes in your lineup.

Since you don’t appear to have a maxed 3-star rainbow team, I’m going to stand by my original suggestions about who to max first. You’ve already done Bane, so finish Balthazar, Valen, Hawkmoon, and whatever you think is your best 3-star green. You can get these folks up to snuff relatively quickly, and you will have a team that should be able to progress pretty far in the world map, finish the rare tier of challenge events, and be somewhat competitive in most raid tournaments limited to 3-stars. Also, you get 6 flags in alliance wars, and it takes a LONG time to build a bench of 30 good heroes. These folks will serve as a late war team for you for a long time to come. I still use every one of these heroes in every single war my alliance is in. It is important to score loot in as many different ways as possible; this is why you should get this base team under your belt.

Now, I rather like having at least two of every color in 3-stars. Again, you can use them for later war teams. Also, each month’s challenge event includes enemies that reflect one of the colors (i.e. can’t be damaged at all by heroes of that color, and instead, turns the damage back on the attacker). Really annoying. So, with 2 in every color, you can switch out the hero of the reflected color with a hero that is strong against the reflected color (e.g. a second green hero for events where the reflected color is blue). Pretty nifty. Finally, you need to build a broad roster in terms of classes. You can complete the first two stages of most trials using teams made up mostly or entirely of maxed 3-stars. I just got my first 4-star cleric up to snuff last week, for example. So consider hero classes when choosing who to level as well. Those emblems may not seem like much now - I still have a pile of wizard emblems I haven’t given to anybody yet - but when you get a hero to give them to, you’ll be glad you’ve been collecting them. Since you didn’t list the rest of your 3-stars, I can’t really tell you who to go to if you want to go 2 deep in 3-stars, but I suggest you strongly consider doing so.

The other nice thing about doing it this way is that you can continue to round out your roster of 4-stars (and collect the materials to level them) while working on a good 3-star base. So, while you have two great heroes in Boldtusk and Kiril (I’m jealous, btw; I don’t have either of them yet) I don’t think they work that well together. Both give an attack buff, but they differ in duration and intensity, and one overwrites the other, so you aren’t getting the most out of either of them by playing them together. You have two really good options in red besides Boldtusk - Gormek (who has the defense down that nobody else on your team has) and Scarlett (who hits like a truck). So maybe you prioritize Kiril for your first 4-star team (better than Boril, since you have Cyprian already) and leave Boldtusk till later while doing one of your other good reds. But most people I know would take Boldtusk and Grimm over Kiril and Gormek/Scarlett any day. You don’t have Grimm now, but you might by the time you build a double rainbow 3-star team. See where I’m going?

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s annoying to work on lesser heroes when you have some big hitters on your bench, but ultimately, it’s worth it. I just drew Gill Ra today, and I’m seriously considering maxing her after I finish Rigard, and before I go back to leveling Domitia. She’s the only 3-star cleanser, so there is a place for her on my roster, even though my main team has a team power over 3600. There is A LOT of stuff to do in this game. Depth is your friend.


@Girlthebest, this post has better recommendations than mine does. Now that you’ve added all the hero levels and I see that your 3 star heroes aren’t finished I’m going to agree with @Noble_Weasel.

I do think the plan I laid out is solid, but maybe treat it as more of a follow up after you improve your three star roster. I will say that I don’t see a huge conflict between Kiril and Boldtusk since they tend to charge at different times (since they’re different colors), but I do think the defense down is a great point, and one I neglected in my post. Just as I looked to Caedmon as your dispel option, it is appropriate to look to Gormek for that very valuable defense debuff.


You may be right about this. I don’t have them to see how big an issue it really is in practice.

Gormek is my boy, although I have, use, and love all the Ramming Pulverizer dudes.


Both @Noble_Weasel and @IvyTheTerrible have provided excellent advice (they always do). But as NW stated, start getting your 3* up to snuff. You can do this while working on 4* too. Leave the 5* until you have a few solid 3/4* teams.

I’m speaking from experience. When I started I pulled 2-5* heroes almost immediately. Thought this was awesome!! Turned out to be the worst thing that could have happened. I wasted so much time, effort and feeders on them when I could have had a full rainbow 4* just about maxed.

I finally course corrected, have a solid defense and am now working on my AW depth (which isn’t too bad since I’ve laid off the 5*). You can compete in just about anything with a decent 3/4* team. The 5* will be there for when you are ready to start some major projects, they ARE major projects. Tons of feeders, AM’s and time.

Good Luck!! May RNGesus smile upon you


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