Team Advice for Newbie :)

Hi folks,

Started playing about a week ago and spent a bit of money on a couple of the deals to start myself off (I like to support games with £10 or so that I play a lot), but probably won’t be spending any more.

Anyway, I’ve been quite lucky and managed to get a couple 4* and the rest 3*. I have two 3* troops and the rest 2*.

Just looking for advice on what to spend additional gems on as I get them (assuming elemental heros?).

Current team is:

Thinking of trying to replace Bane next?

Thanks in advance!


Glad you have some 4* already, after a week that’s good going !
But you’re probably better focusing on a solid 3* team 1st - the ascension materials to take your 4* to the max will be your limiting factor

If you’re spending gems on hero pulls, the Avalon event starts tomorrow and has some of the best special event heros e.g. guinevere. These are limited time offer heros

You will find lots of advice on here if you search for it - plus you should join an alliance which will help you along.

I have openings in Guardians Reborn, other good training alliances are available :slight_smile:


Thanks Annieb - I joined an alliance on day one, but they aren’t very chatty (to say the least). :slight_smile:

Will look into joining you. :slight_smile:

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You could try for event heros, if you want one of the 4* event heros. The chance for 5* event hero is really small, and as you will be using only diamonds you get from the game, I would go with elemental summons so not to end up with several 4* in the same color.

I would try to replace Jahangir or Garver before Bane.


Save Bane until you get a yellow 4. Bane is pretty good. You will need a healer so that should be your next priority.


Thanks folks, I’ll look at the event summons. What’s the best chance for me to get a healer? Green or Red?

Honestly, Purple has the two best 4* healers (imho) Rigard & Sabina.

Melandor is the green equivalent of Sabina (plus good tile damage)
Boldtusk is a red, lesser healer plus great damage increase
Kiril is the blue 4* healer plus Damage & Defense increase (One of the best heroes in the game)

yellow… well there’s 5* vivica but good luck getting her. Event summon guinevere the same difficulty.


Agree. Vivica has slow mana so sometimes she’s a little late to the party. Can’t go wrong with any of the 4 star healers. Hawkmoon and Friar Tuck aren’t bad 3’s. Keep all healers that you get and level them up. Later on you will be able to participate in wars and will need those healers.


Awesome :slight_smile:

You do need a healer as pointed out already

Did you have any other 3* ? The 4* healer list already shared is perfect

But there are 2 good 3* healers. Belith (green) and hawkmoon (red)
Belith has the advantage as she also has enemy debuff

Either of these would be a fine replacement for jahangir or carver if you don’t get 4*

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I can only suggest you slow your roll. Right now, you have to build a base that will support a roster with higher level heroes.

Avalon starts in less than 24 hours. If you spend gems and get a 4/5*, what ya gonna do? I do not see Guinevere or Morgan farming. And a solid farm team is what feeds the machine.

Cyprian is good at a higher level, but not a farmer. Do you have a purple sniper? Bane, btw, stays until a solid 4* team is built.

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Frostbite, build a solid team of maxed 3*, then work on maxing your 4*. If you aren’t in an alliance that will help you learn the game, join kne.

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I see a lot of recommendations on doing this, but don’t get it. A fully leveled 3* can’t compare to a 4* at 3/70. So why would anybody want to do the 3* first?

I haven’t done any 3* after I got a 4* and have never looked back. I get there is the rare event but unless you are going for top position who cares?

Not saying don’t do any 3*, they can always be used for war, but I would only do after or if lacking 4*.


I routinely beat 4* at 3/70 with maxed 3* on my alt. They take much less resources to max, they don’t require anything non-farmable, and they have a couple of specials that you don’t find anywhere else (Brienne, Gunnar, Kailani). You can put together 2 or 3 maxed 3* for color stacking in war or raiding (or special events) and really boost your tile damage.


Sorry I wrote 4* at 3/70 I mean at 3/60 so no non farmabe items needed.

If I compare two of OP’s heros.

Bane fully leveled: atk 469, def 410, hp 693 hits with 300%

Sonya at 3/60: atk 504, def 607 hp 840 hits with 345%

Not tacking in to account buff etc. as just an example. Clearly Sonya is stronger and worth the extra time to level up?

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For the resource cost (food and recruits) to get Sonya to 3/60, I can get Bane to 3/50 AND Valen to 3/50. Early in the game, having 2 levelled 3* heroes will benefit you far more than having one slightly stronger. Later in the game, the 4* will definitely be more useful.

With a couple maxed 3* in each color, you can consistently complete the rare quests and get guaranteed ascension items to max your 4* quicker


Gotta chime in here re: 3* vs 4*. I wish there had been a true mentor back when I began playing E&P, such as yourself, NPNKY. I certainly could have benefited from your wisdom.
There’s no rush to get 4*+ heroes, if a player is invested in sticking with the game. I wish I had stuck it out with the 3* heroes.
I’ve been hammered in Raids and Wars by smart players with a full contingent of fully ascended 3*’s. And I have a 5*! I feel that a fully ascended Team of 3s can decimate 4s if wisely chosen.

Just my thoughts! I am glad I finally did make it here, to benefit from others’ expertise.


@Suzanne thank you for the compliment. I truly enjoy the game, and I enjoy helping others to get the most out of their experience. If you’re ever looking for a new alliance, hit me up.


I’m a vocal proponent of building 3* then 4* then 5*. I’ll admit that there is some wiggle room there, though.

If you get a good 4*, run with it. There are truly “keeper” 4* that will be part of your core bench forever, so building them quickly isn’t a waste. Boldtusk, Grimm, Kiril … etc. See 7DD Anchor’s ratings, and don’t be shy about ascending A-ranked 4* heroes.

But the comment above about training cost is spot-on: 3* heroes are easy to max, 4* heroes harder, and 5* expensive. A solid foundation of quality 3* heroes will be useful quickly and last for a long time, given Alliance Wars and Challenge Events. From that foundation, build selectively into 4*,then into 5*. Ascension mats are the gating factor in advancement, so only use those with quality heroes.


NPNKY, I’m honored; thank you!

Best advice I can think of us the VIP pass.


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