Tarlak vs Wu + Rigard in costume

Hi guys,
assuming Tarlak + Rigard in costume, i get 100+48=148% with 0 miss chance.

Assuming Wu+Rigard, i should get 185+48=233% with 32% miss chance, that should be 233x0.68=158%.

Is my math correct or I am missing something?, Because everybody keep telling me to go with Tarlak…
(I know he is 5* so more survavibility and heal etc… but I am interested only in +attack buff topic…).


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I stopped using wu kong since I got gazelle.
Sure Wu gives a great boost but it is random.

I prefer a steady +100% than a random +185%.

So in my point of view tarlak is a safer choice than wu kong. Paired with rigard or any att buffer it should be devastating.

Your calculation is correct, that Wu + costume Rigard yields the larger effective buff. The reason a lot of people prefer using Tarlak over Wu in that situation is the variance factor. With Wu, you can wind up with great luck and really punish the titan. But you can also have bad luck and suck. Tarlak eliminates that piece of luck. But in the long run, Wu averages out to the higher effective buff.

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That little of an ATK Zbuff is really not worth the variance IMO. Yes, when you hit it will be a LOT harder, and average out over time to be slightly harder. But over time isn’t going to help you if the killing tiles against GM, Ursena, etc miss entirely.

Against Titans merely the ability to confidently stun is worth that difference.


Let’s not forget also that you eliminate the risk of not stunning the titan with damaging tiles. That’s my main gripe with Wu right now and can’t wait to replace him with, well… Tarlak, if I ever manage to get him ;x


Wu is good until you got anyone else.
Tarlak is prince ,gazzelle a queen , miki a monster for titans .

I am using wu sometimes with wilbur in wars when I want to risk on a 4400+ team and no other available

You answered your own question :smiley:

Indeed Wu Kong buffs for more, but miss chance can cost you damage and titan stuns – the latter which can result in a dead hero who can’t be buffed.

Personally I would use Wu Kong on purple titans, and Tarlak everywhere else.

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Regarding Gazelle, she does prevent any attack buffs to be applied during her “dance”, effectively maxing the attack buff for the team at 100%, right?


Funny. I just pulled Tarlak on tokens (after I refused to buy the deals)

He is 100% a replacement on titans when I get 4 more tonics… for now I’m sticking with Wu.
He’s also going to get all of my monk emblems to boost his Def/Health.


@Le_voltron yes, gazelle gives you +100% att and you can’t have any other buff on your dancers. Only gazelle stays vulnerable

Thanks to all of you guys for sharing your views :slight_smile:

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