Tarlak - the basics

Hi all! I finally got Tarlak last Atlantis, and I’m about to level him now (Hel was first on queue, cause she’s Hel).
I understand Tarlak is best suited for Titans, but I haven’t tried him yet. Could someone give me the basics? Best synergies and so on.

I really don’t know a great deal about him, but I’ll kick things off with a couple of basics, as you say

  • his attack buff stacks with Wu and other buffs such as Boldy/kiril/banner and, I assume, Brienne/khiona

  • his heal is a little bonus, but don’t consider him a healer. It just sweetens the deal a bit.


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Do not use Wu and Tarlak togheter (unless you want to time the specials so they aren’t up at the same time).

If both specials are up, you have 160% increased attack with Wu’s misses (since Tarlak stacks with other attack buffs, but caps at 160%). So you are actually nerfing Wu if both their specials are up at the same time.


Wu and Tarlak?

20 buffs


Focus, folks!
Jonah, I won’t pair him with Wu/Ranvir, cause Tarlak caps at 160%,but still gets the accuracy nerf.

I thought Tarlak and Wilbur was a good match?

It is a great team thoose 2 work perfect together… specially for titans.

Correct! Thanks for the correction. Obviously meant Wu

Correct. Those two work well together. Sorry for my typo! Don’t know why I said Wilbur. The explanation made it clear I was referring to Wu as I mentioned later.

It’s also with noting that he’s squishy as hell, and that the attack bonus doesn’t apply to special attacks, just time damage.

Super useful, particularly in a green stack. Makes the already high stack damage insane.

So for me Tarlak is great for two reasons, titans and tough quests. For titans, of course he is very consistent. His buff does not apply to special skills, so best time to activate is when you have a lot of strong colours in the board. Also, he has been my MVP in the Atlantis Hard levels (especially, the underwater and poison stages, where you need to go through them fast). If you have his special ready before the boss stage and stack strong colours against the boss and prepare the board enough, the battle usually lasts a few seconds. Same goes for rare quests and seasonal/challenge events. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input, everyone! I’ve got him to 3/50,and have started trying him out on 8* titans. He is consistant for sure!
What’s the best synergies for different colored titans?
Red - Ares (don’t have) or Boldtusk?
Blue - Kiril?
Green - ?

WIlbur - Tarlak - elemental debuff - 2 x any strong color

Hoping to get Tarlak this Atlantis. One day left. fingers crossed

Everything already said is very helpful, especially don’t pair with Ranvir/Wu but pair with Wilbur. :slight_smile:

Wondering which greens you’d pair him with: Lianna? Evelyn? Kingston? Others?

Thanks for your help. :wink:

For blue titans (the only ones I use Tarlak on) I would pair with Evelyn, Buddy, Gregorion plus highest atk green you have left.

Sometimes I put Alberich on team for refilling specials faster but he does slow things down so a bit of a gamble.

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Thanks @Astvinr.
I have Evelyn +7 and Buddy +3, so I’m part way there. :blush: And I do have Wilber too.


I pulled him! 5:32 am EST! I’m ecstatic!!!:joy: My 13th pull this month (4 just now). 13 is my lucky # along with 17. Maybe I’ll get Alasie in the next 4 pulls. :thinking: Here’s hopin’.

Still no HOTM though :slightly_frowning_face:

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Grats with pull :slight_smile:

You have the most importent. Greg is nice with extra crit but the debuffs are the most importent.

I wouldn’t use both wilbur and buddy.

I also use Tarlak alot in raid and war. He dosn’t seem to get much credit here for use in raid but I find he works very well.

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I use Tarlak a lot for titans and in war/raids.

When I am attacking I am stacking him with Hansel and Melendor and it is great.

I have my personal record ~ 95000 with him in a blue stack: frida kiril grimm miki tarlak . ( with wu ~86k )

I am trying to bring with him a healer for better bad boards control .

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