Telluria or Tarlak?

Hi all, just wanted to get peoples opinion on who you think i should ascend next. I know that they are both great green 5* heroes, but which one will i have more use for?

Here are the heroes i have

Grazul 2/60

Mother North+8
Kadilen 2/60
Telly 2/60
Tarlak 2/60

Kageburado +8
Domitia 1/1
Domitia 1/1


I have pretty much a good catalogue of 4* already, working on 2nd wilbur and 2nd proteus.

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You haven’t heard the hype about Telluria? Seriously?


I see telly used in raid def a lot. For me, i might not want to boost my def too much, since i have a hard time taking down high level teams in the diamond arena. I sit comfortably at 2300-2500 already.

I hear tarlak is reat for titans, i have wu kong maxed out and would entertain retiring wu kong from my titan fighting squad…

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I have… he’s very strong on raid def. But I am looking for someone who can boost my raid off, and add depth in alliance war.

I curious to peoples experience with telly (vs tarlak) on offense.

Telly is good on offense and defense. Borderline OP hero. Tarlak can wait.

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Telluria is great on raid and map/event attack too.

Tarlak is a titan specialist - what level titans are you up against?

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My alliance regularly kills 5* titans. Im pretty much ok with that as i am always (ok 95%) the highest titan hitter.

Now that you mention it… should i be aiming higher? I mean i get so much joy seeing my wu kong-wilbur-boldtusk (or similar) combo kick butt… without use of battle items.

To be the question was really related to durability…

Tarlak at 3.70 will last just fine on your titans and at least a couple more levels beyond, so I wouldn’t rush to prioritize him yet.

I think you’ll get more bang out of Telluria even if you exclude her from defence.


In my honest opinion, you are going to get more for your money with a max Telluria
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Ummm…Telluria vs “Literally Anyone” – Choose Telluria!!!


If the priority is purely attack, not necessarily…

I love her on attack and defence, but she’s been all-around useful rather than gamechanging on attack.

There are other hero’s that have done more for me on attack.

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I will do tarlak first.

We do still have blue tanks and i cant give telluria emblems.
As we fight 11 Star titans, my tarlak on 3 70 just not strong enough.

I would also recommend to max tarlak as he is a hero you will take with you on every(!) Titan.

And yes tellu is great great great, but in offense still useful at 3 70, and people give too much on a pvp defense. As long as you score chests in diamond league, who does really care about 2401 or 2801 trophies.

Only way to max tellu first is when your alliance is on green war tanks.

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I will be the odd one out and say Telluria isn’t that sure. You have Mother North for defense, whom I still find annoying, and green tank in plus is not necessarily the best option. I see you don’t have Miki, number one Titan slayer, so in this case Tarlak might be a better option for you. I assume you have Wu Kong, but since I started using Miki, I find Wu’s and Ranvir’s misses incredibly irritating.

So if you want some titan power, Tarlak would be probably better. Otherwise maybe Telluria.

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