Talent Grid Path

Hello everyone,

Can the whole talent grid be filled out in the end or if you chose a path, that’d be it and it ends at the one to be filled with 250 emblems at the very bottom?


Can’t go backwards. Have to choose a path, ends at the bottom node

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Or said differently, the forks in the tree are mutually exclusive. Two paths diverged…

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… in a yellow wood.

Hey I am not even a native speaker. :slight_smile:


Follow the yellow brick road…

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And I–I took the node less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.


@Kerridoc @LucasDaoc What I mean is that whether the whole talent grid is a circle and once you’ve reached to the last one that costs 250 emblem, that would be the end or you can continue to keep going until the whole grid is filled out?

So that (attack.x) is the end or you can keep going back up from there?

Let’s say I’ve reached the last defense buff button; after that I choose to go for the mana boost then reach the attack percentage boost which costs 250 emblems. Would that be it or I can go back up to the critical boost and keep going upward?

That attack.x is the end of it. Can’t go back up.


It can only go downwards.

Once you have chosen a path, you cant go back and you cant fill up the nodes that you have missed if that is what you mean.


Thanks a bunch. That kinda complicates my long-term plan now. lol

Thanks a lot. I never knew that. :slight_smile: