It is possible to drag talent grid lines from side to side to change emblemed class path

Did you guys know that if you press and hold on the grid lines of your emblemed heroes in the talent grid you can change their emblem path from the left path to the right path and vice versa? You can make your hero into a super glass cannon and then switch them back to all defense path!

I don’t think this is true? Please post a video of you doing this, as I am pretty sure that is not how it is intended to work AFAIK


Is this intended as a candidate for Fairly False Forum Facts 🤓? :thinking:


Or April Fool’s :smile: honestly I would actually like this to be a game feature.

Thanks for the Fairly False Forum Facts link, made me laugh.


Not that I was expecting it to work, but just to assuage anyone unsure, I tried and my Boldtusk is still stubbornly stuck with the talents I’d initially given him.

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I expect you dragged it using the wrong finger.


I tried using all my fingers and toes in different combinations with the same result. I think my Boldtusk is defective and would like to exchange it with another hero. I’ll accept a Zeline as payment.

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And forgot to chant the magic words…“A LA PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES!”

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