Summoner/minion counter teams

I tend to seek hunt out teams with at least 2 summoners in both mind/high diamond and in wars. Partly because I have some anti summoner heroes and partly because I find these kinds of match-ups quite enjoyable. The standard team I find is Tel tank + Seshat wing, but anything with a Bera, Freya or similar is a bonus.

I have recently added Grimble to my stable of Noor, Gefjon, Grazul and Lady Loki, replacing C Rig. That brings down my over survivability but it has been working pretty well as an off-color safeguard - if I get enough red tiles I have a big advantage, and if I get enough purple tiles with enough minions on the playing field I should be able to set up quite a few red specials. Lady Loki and Grazul protect me from the DOT heroes. The team gets me around a 90% win rateas long as I line up against 2 summoner defenses.

It’s not a particularly deep topic, just wanted to share my minion counter team and maybe see how others are playing. Does anyone else try to set up minion-heavy battles? I think the introduction of so many unique minion-related skills such as Noor’s insta kill, Bera’s poision, Freya’s minion enhance, Grimble’s minion destruction & mana up and Skadi’s minion-destruction based DOT does make these types of battles a lot of fun.

Skadi is almost insanely OP from what I have seen, but I have not been lucky enough to pull her. Some people put minions on their defense and then protect their minion defense with a Skadi, which I think is clever. It takes a bit of strategy to overcome those teams as otherwise the Skadi can obliterate you.

Anyhoo… here’s hoping more summoners will come in the near future and more summoners will be put in defensive teams! (and not just the 5%/10% elemental link minions - those are so ridiculously weak and give so much advantage to minion counters that I don’t find them enjoyable)

First time I faced Bera and Freya together:

Did my best not to kill the freya tank… she is more useful alive than dead! And that mana cut ended up being close to fatal…


Did you notice what appears to be a possible bug in that first video?

At about 1:55, Gefjon tries to steal a minion, but she “resists” that, presumably due to the Moth poison.

That isn’t intended behavior, is it? Because she’s not summoning a minion, but stealing it

Yes I have noticed that a few times. I just assumed that it was working as intended… but maybe you are right

if it is intended behavior, they really should just change Bera’s special to read “preemptively destroys the minion meta that sgg is trying to create”

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It is working as intended… If Bera’s ailment is in place NO minions from ANY source will stick to the affected hero.

It is indeed working as I expected it to work. However, taking a closer look at the text I do think it is misleading (as is often the case with text on specials):

“The target can’t receive new Minions for 3 turns”.

Well, technically these are not new minions, they are existing minions. So the text should ideally read “The target can’t receive minions for 3 turns” to be fully accurate.

BUT they are new to that hero :slight_smile:


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