Emblems to Skadi or Bera or both

I selected Skadi from FS and have her close to max. I intend to select Bera very quickly when the next FS goes live. When I selected Skadi I had loads of monk emblems to give to the cause, but now that I intend to select Bera, I’m not so sure.

I have zero in the way of minion removal right now. I recently pulled Viselus and I intend to select Grimble in the future, but maxing either is months off. Most of my best heroes are blue.

Bera would be a fast minion maker, especially with my maxed & LB Pengi. RIght now the only minion maker I have for Pengi is my +20 Noor. My best purples are Dark Lord & Clarissa. My other 3 non-S1 purples are Kunchen, Viscaro, & Morax.

I am open to splitting the monk emblems and bringing both along slowly.

All thoughts appreciated.

Skadi has a low attack and most often she really needs the emblems in order to kill minions. Bera could be decent at +7 or +9.

And here is a poll for you.

How to distribute my monk emblems?

  • Prioritize Skadi
  • Prioritize Bera
  • Split them equally between Skadi and Bera

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Both are anti minion heroes. Skadi only really shines on minion wars, bera is more versatile. She is a decent purple tank. Also you say you are stronger with blues. Ergo my vote goes to maxing bera first.

Also, costume gormek is very accessible anti minion hero If you need one. And because of costume bonus hes easy to get to fire with 9 tiles.

No, he is not. I did hundreds of pulls in that portal and never got him. Got all the other 4* and 3*, though

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I use Skadi more than Bera, as long as the opponent has some not very strong minions - Christmas heroes, Zuri, Bera, regular Freya etc

Maybe it works for you, but for me, it feels like i’m facing more of those beefy heroes nowadays. Of course it all depends on the enemies you mostly face.

I do have Skadi limit-broken, so this helps as well. But I did not see a great difference between Bera at +9 vs Bera at +18, on the other hand I have seen a difference for Skadi.

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I think your comments make a lot of sense. Skadi can leverage off of my strong blues and make a big impact, especially with def down. Bera’s job one is to provide minions for Pengi and she doesn’t need a huge number of emblems at the outset to do that. Also, I can limit break Bera right away as I have a large stash of aethers having only broke Dark Lord and no others since LB came on.

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Indeed, I always use her with C. Kiril for the defense down.